TUTTOFOOD 2013 the presentation of "The Prize 5 Seasons" promoted by flour "5 The Seasons" in collaboration with

winner 2011 1 section Concept Nanny
TUTTOFOOD 2013 the presentation of "The Prize 5 Seasons" promoted by flour "5 The Seasons" in collaboration with it has been modified: 2013-05-10 di Benedict Flowers

The design and the new face of pizzerias are the central theme of "The prize 5 Seasons - Shaping the future of pizzerias. New openings, innovative spaces and concepts"The international design competition promoted by the line of specialized flours "The 5 Seasons" in collaboration with - Consortium of Politecnico di Milano.

the event Tuttofood - Milano World Food Exhibition 2013 (19-22 May, Fiera Milano), has been chosen to present the second edition of the competition. The presentation is scheduled Sunday May at 19 10.30 at Spazio Amphitheatre, in 13 Hall of Fiera Milano, as part of a panel discussion that will analyze international trends in the sector. Nicholas R. Ticozzi, director of graduate courses for architects "Design Experience" by - Consortium of Politecnico di Milano, will introduce the interventions of Giorgio Agugiaro (President Agugiaro & Figna Molini SpA), Gianpietro Sacchi (Professor POLI courses. design), Anna Kolomiyets (HoReCa design Courses Coordinator in the Russian language of and Svetoslava Georgieva (Winner of 1 5 edition of the Award the Seasons).

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The Prize The 5 Seasons through this new edition, which will end on February 1 2015 to coincide with Expo 2015, Provides architects and designers attentive to the evolution of the spaces for the public to interpret and express the challenge in terms of design, evolution of functions, the relationship and communication to the public, the transformation that restaurants and pizzerias are living in Italy and in the world, and that is literally changing the face of space historically characterized by tradition and aesthetic languages ​​almost unchanged over time. The design of the spaces has now become the essential key to affirm and communicate, through the aesthetic quality of the spaces and new functions, product quality, awareness of the importance of service, the new value of the interaction with customers.

Shaping the future of pizzerias, looking to the world

"The design prize The 5 Seasons we wanted to be promoters looks to a wider world, because the local industry with consumption of pizza which is oriented, has very significant dimensions in all countries, although with different characteristics , and from every country of the world can come of innovation important tips and useful to all - explains Giorgio Agugiaro, president of Agugiaro & Figna Molini SpA. - research and innovation, in all aspects, are the basis of Agugiaro & Figna Molini, a firm with great tradition and future-oriented. In the world of restaurants and pizzerias, which is particularly dear, and where we are leading through the line of specialized products 5 The Seasons, it was necessary to stimulate innovation even beyond the product. The quality today is indispensable, but it is only a starting point: innovation, from the point of view of the functions, interior design and overall image can be crucial to the success of the premises. "

Opening 1 Twelve Rondini

Concept 2 A slow fire

The contest is sponsored by ADI (Association for Industrial Design), AIPi (Italian Association of Interior Designers), AIAP (Association for Visual Design) and Restaurant Design - Design Course for innovation of local restaurants and pizzeria.

The Jury of the "Premio Le 5 Seasons" will be chaired by Arturo Dell'Acqua Bellavitis, Dean of the Faculty of Design at the Politecnico di Milano.

The contest will end on February 1 2015, and the awarding of the winning projects will be held in conjunction with Expo 2015.

The "Premio Le 5 Seasons" consists of two sections: "Opening", for existing premises, and "Concept", for project proposals and concept of pizza shops. The total prize money is € 15.000.

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