35CC the new hood Elica designed by Fabrizio Crisà

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35CC the new hood Elica designed by Fabrizio Crisà it has been modified: 2013-11-25 di socialdesign magazine

Fabriano, November 2013 - 35CCThe surprising hood drawn by Fabrizio Crisà to Propeller that breaks the mold in the kitchen, continues to conquer design enthusiasts with a young and informal spirit.

This is confirmed by inserting 35CC in the 2013 edition ofADI Design Index, the reference point for the world of Made in Italy design and creativity. The products and projects that have passed the long and careful selection process of the ADI Permanent Observatory will be candidates for the Compasso d'Oro and have become protagonists of the Design | Opera exhibition, which recounted the visionary and revolutionary spirit of Italian design.

Among the products selected for the category "Design for living"Stands out 35CC, a design object with a technological heart, small in size and compact format. Innovation, materials, small size, color and all the charm of a line that draws on the past and revisits it in a hi-tech key: all the taste for a home in tune with your own unique and unmistakable style is contained in a single object .

Shape and color distinguish an unprecedented cube of only 35 cm on each side, born from the intersection of two “C” -shaped shells: an external, aesthetic and colored one, and a functional one in smooth or perforated steel. Concentrate of formal research and efficiency, 35CC offers different types of extraction (perimeter or with macro-perforated stainless steel), offers island and wall versions and the possibility of installation in filtering or suction mode. In the wall-mounted extraction version it is possible to choose between an elegant stainless steel chimney and the bracket, which allows Back Aspiration if the evacuation hole is positioned in the rear part of the product.

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The chromatic choice of the external shell varies according to the type of extraction: in the Evoque version (perimeter extraction) it is possible to choose between white, orange, dove-gray and lilac; in the Dynamique version (direct suction through stainless steel holes) between red, black, yellow and green. Also you can customize 35CC with the desired suction surface thanks to special accessory kits (macro-perforated stainless steel panel, white, black and stainless steel perimeter panel). The high-efficiency lighting is entrusted to four LEDs, which develop a total of 12 Watts, ensuring intense light on the hob. The suction and lighting functions are controlled by an innovative electronic touch control.

The result is a distinctive product, with a strong character, refined in simple and decisive design, capable of enhancing the kitchen environment.

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