Carat, the mirror protagonist from the strong personality of Peter Gaeta

Carat, the mirror protagonist from the strong personality of Peter Gaeta it has been modified: 2014-11-17 di jessica zannori

Carat is the name of the mirror designed by architect and designer Peter Gaeta, Added together with other objects and furniture in the widest collection called DAVID SELECTION.

Absolutely contemporary, looks like a sculptural shape, surrounded by a geometric structure brushed metal enclosing the octagonal shape of the mirrored surface.

The result is a three-dimensional object, unusual for a complement traditionally lacking in volume. "Carat" is proposed as the main character: it is anchored to the wall just the frame satin structure, as if to emphasize the foreground and the reflective surface of the mirror.

Even "Carat", as the other elements of the collection DAVID SELECTION, springs from the drive for innovation that its designers wanted to infuse. LT IS ' handcrafted by skilled Italian shaping materials of the highest quality and designed by Peter Gaeta.
It 'available in only variant, and is composed of a structure made to plots geometric brushed metal on which a mirror of octagonal shape, dimensions 500 mm diameter x thickness 100 mm.

Carat is combined with other design solutions that are part of the same collection: lamps (coll. Cage Lamp), tables (coll. Skin), the stainless steel panels (coll. Metal Panel), graphics resin (coll . Resin Art Panel), ceramics finished in white enamel (coll. Ceramics) and finally with the collection of wallpaper and murals "on demand".



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