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ZILIO A & C at the Furniture Fair 2016

Turnip ZILIO chair A & C
Turnip ZILIO chair A & C
ZILIO A & C at the Furniture Fair 2016 it has been modified: +2016 03-07-XNUMX di jessica zannori

Turnip ZILIO A & C (design: Mentsen study) Is a chair with an attractive design, sinuous and at the same time rigorous; a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic utility stackable chairs.

The peculiarity resides in the backrest, which presents gently arched, composed of two parts perfectly juxtaposed that ensure the comfort and ergonomics of the seat. The willowy Rapa silhouette is accentuated by the harmony that is created between full and empty, while in ash wood finish gives her a strong personality with a Nordic taste.

Rapa comes in several versions: with wooden legs or metal sled, declined to natural or lacquered.


wooden base: Prof. L. 500 505 815 H. mm.
metal base: Prof. L. 495 505 815 H. mm.

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