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Witty Christmas edition by Varo

Witty C2P0707
Witty Christmas edition by Varo it has been modified: 2014-11-14 di Giulia Alba

Undecided on Christmas gift? Varo furnishings could risolvervi the problem.

For the most beautiful time of the year Witty is tinged with red.

What Witty? a mini library, Double sided shelf and cabinet there ... in a few words, the container of your passions!

The company Varo has decided to create the design object ideal for those who want to give something beautiful, yet accessible, useful and functional.

Witty sc 3 C2P0682

Why ideal? Witty is versatile! Books, plants, magazines, in the study, in the bathroom, in the living room and in the bedroom with large and small, but also in the office, in halls and public appearance, will make everyone happy because it can be transformed according to the needs and the room .

Available in version of 70 cm, double sided with 4 shelves, sturdy and durable steel painted red. 157 Euros.

Witty C2P0700

Witty sc 2 C2P0724

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