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Treemme Rubinetterie, a preview of the novelty of Cersaie 2015

Treemme Rubinetterie Cersaie 2015
Treemme Rubinetterie, a preview of the novelty of Cersaie 2015 it has been modified: 2015-09-10 di Benedict Flowers

Innovation, creativity and research are the three basic plus company Treemme Fittings. For the upcoming edition of Cersaie 2015 also the stand will have a "look" completely new, which has a great visual impact.

The matter will have a predominant role, in fact, the space will be entirely covered by wooden planks, strips of Corten and raw metal.
What the wood warms the metal embellishes ... the bold contrast material between the old and the new, between the ancient and the modern, it will become the medium that enhances the eclectic design that distinguishes all of Treemme Fittings. This innovative concept was born with the intention of developing a project where material and design live together in harmony creating a stand featuring an evocative charm and unique.

New mixer Floor-standing bathtub 5MM!

After numerous successes and acclaim received by the project 5MM (Design Ocostudio and Ing. Castagnoli), Treemme Fittings continues to expand the collection. This edition of the fair's most important bathroom sector will in fact a new entry into the large collection 5MM: Mixer Floor-standing bathtub.

5MM is one of the company's flagship lines, a product truly unique and cutting edge, thanks to its technology, show great attention to eco-sustainability and water saving.

Five millimeters is the constant thickness it occurs, in addition to the leakage of water from the mouth, also the inner passage with all its dynamic mixing.
This peculiarity guarantees all components of the line a lightweight, elegant and suitable for any bathroom.

Treemme Rubinetterie Cersaie 2015

Treemme Rubinetterie Cersaie 2016

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