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Italian port time the best of Italian design in North Europe / Highlights

Atrium 1 - photo Maximilian Lacertosa
Italian port time the best of Italian design in North Europe / Highlights it has been modified: 2014-01-16 di jessica zannori

Italian time is the enhancement project of Italian designOrganized starting from the appointment of Design Week in Stockholm from the 4 7 2014 February,

thanks to the support of the Italian Embassy in Denmark, the Italian Embassy in Sweden, the ICE Sweden and the Institute of Italian Culture, splendid example of architecture and Italian design designed in the '50 by Gio Ponti who will be home.

Italian weather is a selection of Italian design collection according to the conductive thread of time: lifetime of a product, the time it takes to create it, to produce it, to complete its life cycle or to regenerate it, as it serves to give life and soul.

The protagonists of Italian Time are the enduring values ​​that are rooted in the unique identity of Italian design, its 'to do' production, expressing his creative sense.

The project aims at creating a synergistic platform, Coordinated with defined image and a cultural program and professional meetings, representing a selection of excellence of Italian design in Scandinavia. The goal is to draw a scenario able to portray, in an appropriate setting for the Scandinavian market, the identity of Italian design today, presenting a selection of rich companies of authentic content, attention to craftsmanship of the project, workmanship valuable, innovative ways.

The curatorial cut coordinates the attendance in a system operation, chorus, emphasizing the values ​​of a new identity and relationship to the material and function.

The platform was presented in a first stage, to dall'8 January 10 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark at the first edition of Design Trade Fair. After this event the format will pass to the second stage during the Stockholm Design Week in February 2014 from 4 on February 7 2014.

They are part of the event Italian Time:

This calendar of seminars to be held during the event 4 days:

  • February 4 2014, 3 pm 'Digital Italian Forerunners'
    • The Italian project between tradition, craftsmanship and new digital connections
  • February 5 2014, 3 pm 'Italian food from scratch'
    • The new Italian restaurant; The design tempodel
  • February 6 2014, 3 pm 'Time to design, time for an object to last, time to respect'
    • How long an object, that is necessary to create it, what you need to produce it
  • February 7 2014, 3 pm 'North Connection: what makes successful italian design in northern Europe'
    • Distribute Italian design in northern Europe

The press conference for the presentation of Italian Time will be held at the Italian Embassy in Stockholm on January 22 2014.
Italian weather is a project created and conceived by Patrizia Coggiola
The art direction and dell'allestimento project have signing Navone Associati

Re-Fire work in progress

Re-Fire work in progress1

Re-Fire by Francesco Faccin preview for Italian Time

Italian Time begins his adventure by presenting exclusive preview your project by Francesco Faccin 'Re-Fire', kits for manual ignition of the fire, built using contemporary tools and production processes, sophisticated and affordable for everyone.

Francesco Faccin responds with this project to the provocative message of the Italian Time platform, which called on its members to reflect on the present time and the past of design, on the 'meaning making' production today, on the return to the origin of our true needs and to 'action within sustainable value systems.

"With this project" Faccin says, "It is possible to create fire with his own hands, in primitive ways. Let's start from the fire, the symbolic element that took away the primitive man, animalistic size and projecting it into the future with amazing innovations. The fire was invented, not discovered because it already exists in nature but it is necessary to know 'produce'. Here is where the project starts, the refinement of skills, capacity for vision, overcoming difficulties. Then we start again from the beginning of the beginning, when it was struggling to survive but everything was clean and clear, without accretions and semantic misunderstanding about the 'things'. Let's start with this approach rimettendoci in touch with that part of us that needs simple things, well-built because it needed to survive, that connect us deeply to nature but by exploiting the immense scientific and technical heritage that man has produced in recent millennia ".

The 'Re-Fire' kit will be presented during a performance design on the opening night of the exhibition Italian Time Italian Institute of Culture, on February 5 2014.

ecstasy 1

ecstasy 2

The penthouse Cristina Celestino

pure volumes and materials research, combined with timeless memories and emotions, are the values ​​that underlie Attic, The production of furniture and lamps of Cristina Celestino: A work that is enriched by the local industrial and working skills of the craftsmen bent to small numbers and wealth of detail.

The search for productive niche reality, combined with projects also born by the discovery of new potential hidden in traditional production techniques, led to the emergence of projects which, although perfectly be industrialized, but possess the charm of craftsmanship, the discovery of ' error, and the luxury of time. A Italian Time will present the collection of perfumes from Atomizer table inspired by bottles of vintage fragrances and toiletries Ecstasy.

Bowls 1

Bowls 2

Duccio Maria Stems

Fiorentino based in Paris, Duccio Maria Stems creates pieces of furniture and sculptures, unique pieces and limited editions, concrete reinforced with glass fibers, Attendance poetic strong sculptural quality.

With Beton Bowls - containers that plays on confusion between the expectation of soft and lightweight and the surprise of the drive and the heavy - Duccio Maria Stems explores the infinite possibilities of texturing and coloring BeFUHP, a type of cement.

A Time Italian will also be the wall lamp Owl, that day imposes its sculptural quality to the aesthetics of their material and stray marks on the surface and at night, his presence is a poetic, through the eclipse of the body that becomes a geometric shape on the background of the light that radiates from the inside.

Owl plays on this double level of presence and absence, the positive negative of its physical substance that is alternately element added and subtracted element, addition and subtraction. Finally Tania, born from the recovery of a container for a liquid that is used as a mold. the concrete is poured inside hardens and the original form transfers its ergonomics to new phantom object.


RestartMilano bookshelf

RestartMilano Table Lamp 02


RestartMilanoThe project Luca Liberals and Maurizio Navone created with the aim of proposing a series of artifacts deeply rooted in the history of design and executive ability typical of Italian production.

They are lamps, furniture and furnishings that evoke memories and, at the same time, engage in the contemporary, with the explicit intention of becoming instant classics.

The production of RestartMilano is entrusted to a network of artisans and small workshops to offer achievements in which the contribution of experience and by the producer becomes an integral part of the project.

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