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Italian time, the development project of Italian design in Northern Europe

Italian time, the development project of Italian design in Northern Europe it has been modified: 2013-12-23 di jessica zannori

Time is the Italian project enhancement of Italian designOrganized starting from the appointment of Design Week in Stockholm from the 4 7 2014 February, Thanks to the support of the Italian Embassy in Denmark, the Italian Embassy in Sweden, Sweden and the ICE Italian Institute of Culture, a splendid example of architecture and design in the years 50 Italian designed by Gio Ponti who will be home.

Italian weather is a selection of Italian design collection according to the conductive thread of time: lifetime of a product, the time it takes to create it, to produce it, to complete its life cycle or to regenerate it, as it serves to give life and soul.

The protagonists of Italian time are lasting values ​​that are rooted in the unique identities of Italian design, its 'do' production, expressing his creative sense.

The project aims to create a platform synergy, with a coordinated and defined a program of cultural and professional meetings, Representing the best names of Italian design in Scandinavia. The goal is to draw a scenario able to portray, in a setting appropriate to the Scandinavian market, the identity of Italian design today, presenting a selection of companies rich in authentic content, attention to craftsmanship of the project, the working valuable, innovative systems.

The curatorial cut coordinates the attendance in a system operation, chorus, emphasizing the values ​​of a new identity and relationship to the material and function.

The platform will be presented in a first stage, to dall'8 January 10 2014 in Denmark at the first edition of Design Trade. After this event, the format will go to the second stage during the Stockholm Design Week, from the 4 7 2014 February.

Time is Italian:

  • A design preview at the fair Design Trade, Copenhagen, dall'8 to January 10 2014.
  • A 'reality show of Italian design in the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm, from the 4 7 2014 February
  • Design a performance scheduled on February 5 2014
  • Four seminars on the culture of Italian design from the 4 7 2014 February:
    1. The Italian digital primates - The Italian project between tradition, craftsmanship and new digital connections;
    2. Italian food from scratch - The new Italian restaurant;
    3. Time design - How long an object, that is necessary to create it, what you need to produce it;
    4. North Connection - Distribute Italian design in northern Europe.


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