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"Teletron" of Rubinetterie Stella: the prestigious Innovation

"Teletron" of Rubinetterie Stella: the prestigious Innovation it has been modified: 2015-05-26 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

Rubinetterie Stella renewed in the forms, in technology and in the design of application Teletron, recognized since the mid '80 as "the best electronic tap running to close."

Thanks to the new sensor, positioned at the aerator aerator of the spout, is guaranteed a better usability without compromising the aesthetic performance of the tap: the delivery mouth, in fact, is devoid of LEDs and sensors.

With Teletron Rubinetterie Stella has achieved the goal to extend the installation of the electronic faucet from public place to the home, offering mixers shapes satisfying and clean, but with the functionality and convenience of the electronic.

Teletron technology also allows a considerable water saving and a rational use of energy resources commensurate to the actual needs, eliminating waste and ensuring greater protection of the environment.

The new Teletron is available in round, square and hexagonal in various configurations (single water, dual water and Thermovalve).


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