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Yeast study presents the neo brand eighty

horizontal fugit
Yeast study presents the neo brand eighty it has been modified: 2014-10-24 di jessica zannori

Eighty It is a company with a strong artisan matrix that looks at contemporary design. First edition scale industrial hand-finished objects and accessories "designer children."

The project stems from the area sharing and project background Studio Yeast Design and 80, which aim to develop a production formula 'kilometer zero' from the product concept to its sales.

The thirty years of the three designers involved are confronted with many decades of corporate experience with the common goal of building a 'self that does not renounce the essential technical contribution of the manufacturer, actively involved in developing the project.
Design80 is an ideal partner for this experience, know-how built up through years of experience in building custom furniture combined with the desire to reinvent the third generation of its owners.

Studio Yeast, Driving this process, it has always been fascinated from crossing the border and drive at the same time labile between craft and industrial production, by condensing the advantages of both in their projects.

Fugit is the first design experiment of eighty, which locates in operae the ideal setting for his presentation. Frame your time: formal reduction of the archetype, which was founded by subtraction. Hands suspended inside a panel covered by remnants of laminates from the factory work every time different. Three primary and countless combinations graphic forms are the ingredients of the project, it declined in a limited edition for Operae 2014.

Tempus fugit, we just have to wallow in a nostalgic revival of rolled slumbering in the laboratory stock. Pastel tones, textures optical, Shiny and matte finishes are the background to the continuous motion of the hands. A collection that takes us back and forth in time, with suggestions ranging from polite aesthetic fifties to the experimental design of the seventies, until the ever known over the top of the Eighties.

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