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Showin3D, Shin Software, hotellerie

Showin3D, Shin Software, hotellerie it has been modified: 2018-11-21 di Lorenzo Lorenzo Strona Strona & Partners & Partners

When we think about virtual reality and new technologies for prototyping, we tend to associate the use of these tools mainly to the world of product design, thus focusing our attention more on the experiential aspect than on functional assets.

Surely for manufacturers of furniture, vehicles or taps to be able to illustrate their articles in scale 1: 1 with all the options and variants through a navigable catalog in Virtual Reality, contributes to the generation of value perceived by customers in a more incisive than the most beautiful photograph printed on the best coated paper.

However, this aspect represents only a portion of the advantages offered by the SHOWin3D platform because if the WOW effect of the client is guaranteed by the gaming side, the serenity of the seller is guaranteed by the reduction of the time and economic resources necessary for the production of samples and prototypes with the possibility to show the customer articles and solutions even before their de facto production.

It is therefore possible to understand the enormous benefit that SHOWin3D can generate for architects, contractors and all the other professional figures involved in the design and fitting out of hotel units or in the modernization of accommodation facilities. In fact SHOWin3D, thanks to the proprietary code created by AD Stefano Provenzano, is able to directly acquire CAD files, process them with 4K rendering in real time and transform them into an extraordinary immersive experience at 360 degrees that offers the sensation of visiting and interacting with the elements of the room set up.

Moreover, during the virtual tour, the two operating controllers make every variation of the furnishings possible, be it chromatic or structural, from the replacement of the parquet with a tiled tile to the color change of the brocade curtains, all instantly and without additional costs.

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