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internal stairs and external stairs in the catalog Fontanot 2016

internal stairs in the catalog Fontanot 2016, model Lastra
Fontanot, interior stairs Lastra, catalog 2016
internal stairs and external stairs in the catalog Fontanot 2016 it has been modified: 2015-12-18 di Chiara Bucalossi

December is the month of news, even at home Fontanot: a family reunion turns into an interview in which choral emerge curiosity, anecdotes and, above all, the company's values: passion, experimentation and creativity.

These characteristics combined with the sense of the market, the taste for design and the careful study of materials and solutions, make Fontanot, an Italian company specialized in the production and marketing of Internal stairs and external, a reality that today counts on 4 production facilities, about 250 employees and 200 collaborators and that operates in over 95 countries all over the world.

The interview with the three brothers Laura, Francesco and Michele speaks of "a family that becomes a company and a company that is and remains a family". Thus it opens the catalog of 2016 Fontanot entitled "Generations of stairs": the lives, stories and houses of Laura, Francesco and Michele intertwine with the company mission.

"Generations of Scale", the first single catalog of Fontanot

"This is a special edition for us, not only because it celebrates the mission company and family history, as you can imagine from the title pun of "Generations of Scale", - says Laura Fontanot, Director of Communications Company -. but above all because, for the first time the catalog contains all the collections in production ".

The peculiarity of the catalog is the wide choice of settings: In "Generations of Stairs" 40 are represented houses with very different styles: we pass from the illuminated spaces of a high class residence to the house for young people looking for particular practical and technological solutions and therefore more playful or joyful, from the hotel on the sea, to the study of a professional.

Interior and exterior stairs: high quality and customization

Always an expression of innovation, Fontanot has transformed the staircase, typically crafted product, into an industrial project capable of revolutionizing living. The strong point of the offer is the ability to customize its scale up to the last detail: from the colors of the finishes, to the different materials, and much more. In the 160 pages of the new single catalog, there are all the news of the year and detailed information on the models, on the technical characteristics, on the materials and the colors available, scale by scale, can be found in a path that spans all the company's products. : from spiral staircases to ramps, from custom-made steel and glass stairs to wooden ones.

Internal staircase in the catalog Fontanot 2016

Internal staircase in the catalog Fontanot 2016, model Clip

External staircases, Fontanot 2016 catalog, model Techne

External staircases, Fontanot 2016 catalog, model Techne

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