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Rubinetterie Stella. Great success at the 2018 Furniture Fair

Rubinetterie Stella. Great success at the 2018 Furniture Fair it has been modified: 2018-05-11 di Lorenzo Lorenzo Strona Strona & Partners & Partners

The 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile has crowned Rubinetterie Stella as the protagonist of innovation in the bathroom furniture sector.

In the exclusive setting of the "big haystack" by Michele De Lucchi, Rubinetterie Stella has thrilled the public by presenting the most advanced configurator of faucets in the world. Simple by Stella - this is the name of the new brand - allows you to customize the bathroom taps in every detail and according to your taste, through a combination of modular archetypes. In the context of the Milan Exhibition, architects and designers have grasped the full potential of the innovative digital configuration system, which allows "to create the tap just as you would like it" - for example by choosing the shape of handles and mouths - to thus creating a unique product, available in tens of thousands of possible solutions for shapes and finishes.

In addition, the public has shown its appreciation for the new Shower program of Rubinetterie Stella, which makes available a wide range of solutions designed and built specifically for home and hotel wellness, such as the ceiling-mounted shower heads designed by Marco Piva, the complete thermostatic columns, round and rectangular showers, cascade mouths also flush with the wall, side jets, shower arms, for a total of over 40 items made available with 5 dedicated finishes (polished steel, brushed steel, bronze, gold and matt black) and well 46 customized active finishes on request.
Finally, on the occasion of the Show, the public has renewed its praise for the great classics of Rubinetterie Stella - the collections Rome, Italica and Eccelsa - real design icons that decorate the luxurious bathrooms of the most prestigious residences of the world .

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