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Rio + Design, the exhibition of the creative industry in Rio de Janeiro celebrates ten years of participation in the Milan Design Week 2018

Rio + Design, the exhibition of the creative industry in Rio de Janeiro celebrates ten years of participation in the Milan Design Week 2018 it has been modified: 2018-04-06 di Benedict Flowers

An important anniversary: ​​Rio + Design marks its tenth year at the Fuori Salone of the Milan Design Week. At the invitation of the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil), from the 17 to the 22 April, the initiative of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, promoted through the Secretariat of Cabinet and Economic Development, will again part of the exhibition Be Brasi l, in the Maroncelli district, between art galleries and fashion studios.

"For us it is a mission to show the world what Rio de Janeiro has to offer: original design and quality, and we are very proud of it. In the foreign market, our products are gaining more and more the appreciation of buyers, distributors and press. All this is a result, among other initiatives, of the work carried out in the last decade to strengthen our brand and the name of our designers, always presenting innovative products during the Milan Furniture Fair. And we are already moving to establish new partnerships and new businesses in this year's edition ", says the Undersecretary for Economic Development of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Dulce Ângela Procópio.

About 30 creations of 14 design studios (of established names and new talents) will be part of the "Made in Rio" production landscape. Furniture, objects of decoration, utensils of everyday life are part of the varied selection of pieces.

Guto Indio da Costa (Indio da Costa Design) will present its first collection of wooden chairs, showing the version in this material of the Serelepe models - with its dynamic profile and timeless style - and ICZERO1 - full of "bossa", with curvilinear backrest and thin seat.

Zanini de Zanine (Studio Zanini) will exhibit Serfa's armchair and puff in leather and wood, a tribute to legendary designers Sergio Rodrigues (his mentor at the beginning of his career) and Ricardo Fasanello.

Of Carlos Alcantarino (Estúdio Alcantarino) the public will appreciate the Lov armchair, a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional rocking chair, made of Tauari wood and aged leather, suitable for both the living room and the terrace.

Gisela Simas (Original Practical Design) will be present with two surprising cork products: the Dora coffee table with its bold design and the innovative Congonhas ceiling lamp, equipped with LED technology of adjustable intensity and inspired by the shape of the wings of a Boeing 737- 800.

Ricardo Graham (O Ebanista), coherently with the activity that gives its name to his studio, he will participate with seven creations that enhance different types of wood and refined accessories: the Paris sofa, os vasos Freijó, Braúna and Muirapiranga, the Ipe fruit bowl, the benches Pirralhos and Aragonês.

Gustavo Martini will exhibit the Joá chair (characterized by the contrast between the stiffness of the black metal frame and the naturalness of the soft fabric seat), fruit bowl Carmen (modular and developed with 3D printing, in collaboration with Camila Fix) and the Tenere vase (in oak, with its captivating geometric shape and the amazing play of colors).

Of the brand Fubbá Objetos Inteligentes there will be the Dumdum coffee table: versatile, stackable and variable height, designed by architect Marta Rubio Lopez, it is made of plywood with bamboo laminate finish. And, also, the Boiadeiro portable stool, created by Alessandro Montenegro and Henrique Gomma - can be assembled without screws or hardware, with carbon steel frame with electrostatic paint, seat in canvas wrapped in leather and wooden pins for demolition, can be used in traditional position or in that type of horse saddle.

Gustavo Bittencourt (Atelier Gustavo Bittencourt) is the author of the buffet Brise-Soleil, which will be exhibited for the occasion: in freijó, with a retractable door, is a tribute to the brise, an architectural element that serves to mitigate the incidence of solar energy.

Rodrigo Calixto (Oficina Ethos) is represented by the Tigres bench (made with two types of solid wood in a single edition) and the Bilanx swing (designed with Guilherme Sass, also in wood and gold-plated with 22k gold leaf).

Leonardo Lattavo and Pedro Moog (Lattoog) promise to enchant with the Gotinha project, a birdhouse, suspended and shaped like a drop, made of solid wood, colored synthetic fiber and nautical rope.

Victor Mascarenhas and Luciana Borges (Bolei) propose the Menos 1 Lixo glass (Less 1 Rejection) - practical, reusable and sustainable, developed for the homonymous campaign of conscious consumption. In retractable silicone, recyclable and resistant, it is ideal for hot or cold drinks.

The 7A stool-ladder, of the Velt, is another object that will be on display: multifunctional, ideal for small spaces, with carbon steel body with electrostatic paint and stainless steel feet.

The curious Répiauer bottle opener is also worthy of mention Gustavo Falcão , made of recycled materials, ranging from various types of wood that compose up to metal brackets from iron shelves.

Underlining the origin of the exhibition, Renata Pereira (Oficina 021) signs the table lamp line, laser cut and laser engraved, with motifs inspired by the Rio de Janeiro landscape, such as Corcovado, Pão de Açúcar and Morro Dois Irmãos.

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