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"Ideas from the slums" ilVespaio creative search for a workshop in the slums of Nairobi

ideas from the slums
"Ideas from the slums" ilVespaio creative search for a workshop in the slums of Nairobi it has been modified: 2013-12-09 di jessica zannori

ilVespaio organizes Amani Onlus the workshop Ideas from the slums to the School Tam Tam. The workshop will take place in Nairobi, Kenya and will allow participants to get to know life in the slums of Kenya and devise plans for this context. Course participants will leave for Nairobi with volunteers of Amani and designers de ilVespaio for ten days? Ne February 2014, after a series of preparatory meetings in Milan in the spaces provided by Tam Tam. Will be hosted at Kivuli Centre, reception center for street children, and they will have the unique opportunity to discover an Africa without? Lters, immersing himself in the reality of slums and knowing first hand who lives there.

Will visit some slums of Nairobi, talk to people who live there, try to understand what the everyday problems faced by the extreme poverty and the absence of infrastructure. Workshop participants will try to design objects useful in this context that are produced with the means and materials available locally. The ideas that emerged during the trip and developed to return to Milan will be displayed in an exhibition during the Salone del Mobile. The trip will be entirely borne by the participants (about EUR 850 for flight and visa, 10 euro per day for room and board in Nairobi).


ilVespaio is a network of professionals involved in eco-design and sustainability 360 °. Designers, researchers, educators collaborate in projects of re? Uti, critical consumption, and other environmental and social issues. ilVespaio analyzes production waste company or re? uti of events, and is considering options to turn them into
merchandising. Designs products, packaging and equipment using recycled or reused and applying eco-design strategies and design for all. Organizes workshops, laboratories, educational exhibitions and competitions of ideas on environmental / social and communication projects.


Amani is a non-pro? t that is committed to upholding the right of children and young people to have an identity, a safe house, food, education, health and the affection of an adult. Since 1995 we set up and support shelters, educational centers, educational and professional in Kenya, Zambia and Sudan. Since then we offer daily opportunities and concrete alternatives to thousands of boys and girls forced to live on the road in the big cities, in rural areas and war. Amani has secular, apolitical and independent. Non-governmental organization recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is headquartered in Milan and local groups active in several Italian cities. In Italy Amani organizes initiatives and cultural meetings, information and analysis. Every year we offer the opportunity to participate in camps in Kenya and Zambia meeting organized groups, young volunteers and families who want to know firsthand the reality of Africa.

TAM TAM - A school extreme.

TAM TAM is a school of excellence and is involved in visual activities. It is a school for free. Its Director is Alessandro Guerriero. Is the brainchild of Alessandro Mendini, Riccardo Dalisi, Alessandro Guerriero. His Masters are important and their intervention is a gift. Spaces are on loan, there is no structure, its places are many. Its main office is housed in Milan at the NABA. The laboratories have varying duration and each Master decides independently the theme of his speech. The time commitment of the Masters is at their discretion. The teachers are supported by groups of employees.


• Wednesday November 27: OPEN ENROLLMENT. To subscribe, just write to
• Wednesday December 18: APPLICATION DEADLINE.
• Wednesday January 29 2014 hours 18: 00 FIRST MEETING with ilVespaio and Amani Onlus at the Area Ex Furnace or Naba. Presentation of the workshop, projects Amani Africa, the reality of life in the slums of Nairobi.
• Wednesday February 5 2014 hours 18: 00 SECOND MEETING with ilVespaio at Naba. Examples of design projects / art in Africa, evidence of designers and architects who have worked in Africa and description of how the workshop will take place in Nairobi.
• HOURS Wednesday February 12 18: 00 THIRD MEETING with ilVespaio and Amani at Naba. Preparing for Your Trip with volunteers of Amani.
• TRIP TO KENYA OF TEN DAYS (generally from Saturday to Sunday February 22 2 March or from Saturday to Sunday March 1 9 March) with accommodation at the Kivuli Centre, run by Amani. The trip will be entirely borne by the participants.
• Wednesday March 19 FOURTH MEETING with ilVespaio at Naba to put together projects and ideas that emerged during the trip and organize the event to present the project.
• 8-13 April EVENT OF APPLICATION during the Salone del Mobile.

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