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Presentation Master 2014: Virtual Architecture, Industrial Design, Yacht Design, Hypergraphics

Presentation Master 2014: Virtual Architecture, Industrial Design, Yacht Design, Hypergraphics it has been modified: 2013-11-21 di Tiziana Gentile

Registration open to the Masters for 12014 of the Quasar Institute: Virtual Architecture, Industrial Design, Yacht Design, Hypergraphics, which will be officially presented on Saturday 23 November 2013 in via Nizza, 152 - Rome.


The Master deals 3D the realization of the project of architecture, design and landscape levels pushed to fotorelismo. The goal is to enable the students to take advantage of in the most effective potential of the latest release of the most powerful software and rendering engines available on the market, so to achieve static views and video animations of any architectural project included in its environmental context.


The Master addresses the design of pleasure boats in 360 degrees: from water lines to the interior, the exterior to all the components necessary to implement the project. Aims to successfully launch the profession of boat designer both in the construction of new models, both in refitting, as freelance professionals or in studios and production facilities.


The Master addresses the design, modeling, prototyping of the design object. The goal is to make students masters of the design through lectures and operational phases: starting from the idea and its representation with various two-dimensional, three-dimensional virtual and physical, to get to the production of the final prototype.


The Master, focused on 3D Animation and Digital Visual Effects, introduces students to the profession of 3st level 1D Generalist thanks to the professional knowledge of the 3D sector (cinema and TV).

November 23 h 10:30 am> 13:00 pm Free workshop of "3D Enviroment Compositing"Curated by Francesco Cricenti, professional in making short films and video game development. 

The Masters of the Quasar Institute intend to complete the training of graduates and update the skills of professionals with effective experience in contact with leading players in innovation and operational structures in the sectors of expertise. Each Master is structured to encourage professional qualification of excellence in the chosen field. The deadline for applications for admission to the Masters is set at 16/12/2013. There are scholarships!

The Quasar Institute is over 25 years independent structure at the forefront of training in the fields of architecture, design and visual and multimedia communication.

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