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Take part in a course of Do-it-yourself to the "DIY Festival" by Leroy Merlin since October 16 2013

the DIY party leroy merlin
Take part in a course of Do-it-yourself to the "DIY Festival" by Leroy Merlin since October 16 2013 it has been modified: 2013-10-23 di Benedict Flowers


Leroy Merlin offers the opportunity to participate in the Courses Do-it-Te to discover skills that we would never have thought of!

In this historical moment in which it is important to optimize resources both in terms of economic and environmental sustainability, we have the opportunity to rethink the way we act of search in ourselves the resources to improve the space in which we live.

Many designers, the conception of their objects, flanked also 'selfUsing their skills of artisans and following the whole process; this, often there are also many groups of important designers that provide instructions so that we can make your own design object they thought and signed.

Precisely in this case may be important to have excellent skills and bricoleur Merlyn Leroy comes to help with the "Festival of Crafts".
In fact, by going to one of the outlets Italian 47 16 from October, it will be able to participate in various DIY courses, Obtaining at the end of a path attested by experienced do-it-yourself.

The event concept is "Learn to know how to do", And it will be an opportunity to have fun and to learn. This special edition of the courses will have a common theme to all the shops, or the implementation of a full bath: installation of the floor assembly of the shower enclosure, installation of sanitary and wall cladding. The following videoIn fact, it is a nice candid camera to demonstrate how easy it is to immerse yourself in the art of DIY:

Leroy Merlin, with its 47 shops in Italy and other points of sale around the world, is a leader in the do-it-yourself. Born in France in 1923 has spread rapidly throughout the world, also including Italy since 1996, with the first store in Solbiate Arno (VA).

And 'possible to find more information the "Festival of Crafts" and courses of do-it-yourself by visiting:

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