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MaPro P6 side patio umbrella by Maffei. The modular system to customize the outdoor

MaPro P6 side patio umbrella by Maffei. The modular system to customize the outdoor it has been modified: 2018-01-15 di Lorenzo Lorenzo Strona Strona & Partners & Partners

For a practical and rational outdoor, customized according to your needs, the ideal solution is the MaPro P6 side parasol by Maffei, a real modular system to create the perfect shade zone in the garden and at the same time aesthetically enhance the environment .

In fact, from the same appropriately designed supporting pole can be installed - and eventually added at a later time - from one to four umbrellas to easily cover up to 38 square meters of outdoor area. In addition, MaPro P6 ensures great versatility of use: it can be easily fixed to the floor or to the wall, depending on the needs. The cover is available in the round version (with diameter of 3,50 meters) or square (from 2,50 or 3 meters per side).

Always in the name of practicality, MaPro P6 opens and closes easily and quickly with a single movement, thanks to an innovative patented system. Furthermore, the excellent protection against UV rays, impermeability, resistance to atmospheric agents and the durability of the covering and of the aluminum and steel structure are guaranteed by the high quality of the materials used.

In terms of aesthetics and personalization, MaPro P6 is available in many different trendy shades - such as white, ecru, yellow, orange, terracotta, brasserie, piedra, taupe, anthracite, blue, black and green, while the supporting structure is proposed in gray, opaque white and matt black. Other colors such as brown are available on request.

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