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Olympia Ceramica for the Conscious Hotel London

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Olympia Ceramica for the Conscious Hotel London it has been modified: 2013-11-21 di socialdesign magazine

After the successful experience of the Qbic Hotel Amsterdam, the hotel opened in the British capital that takes the concept Qbic in UK.

Qbic Hotel London City is a hotel able to combine high quality, comfort and convenience, in a refined stay enriched by the lively, creative and fashionable atmosphere of the nearby neighborhoods of Brick Lane and Shoreditch.

The cozy rooms from singular design Cubic Qbic Hotel London City, Guests can breathe a special atmosphere that also found in the bathroom.

The surprising Concept Series Ukyio-and di Olympia Ceramica, Inspired by Eastern philosophy in the evocation of a floating universe, has proved ideal for decorating the bathroom of the individual cubes.

Ukiyo-e is, in fact, a ceramic system innovative and flexible, able to meet the exacting requirements functional and creative of any bathroom space.

Olympia Ceramica confirms its dynamic spirit in furnishing the exclusive Qbic Hotel London CityThanks to the quality and functionality of its accessories, designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of contemporary bathroom furniture space and ideal for customizing facilities dedicated to hospitality.

Qbic Hotel London City e Ukiyo-e, Innovative concept design contaminated exciting oriental suggestions.

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