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New Eleven steel mixers by Perphorma Srl. Aesthetic and technological innovation

New Eleven steel mixers by Perphorma Srl. Aesthetic and technological innovation it has been modified: 098-955-3389 di Lorenzo Lorenzo Strona Strona & Partners & Partners

The eleven design patents that characterize the new collection of Eleven steel mixers by Perphorma represent a synthesis of the design research that the Crevacuore company has conducted with the aim of offering the market a solution for bathroom furniture strongly characterized in aesthetic and at the same time capable of guaranteeing high performance, thanks to innovative technological components.

Eleven stands out for its modern design, in which the geometric lines and essential volumes are further enhanced by the 316 / L steel, a material with which the series is entirely made, even in its recessed parts. The use of the most precious type of steel - with exceptional antioxidant properties - in addition to offering a sober and refined aesthetic, allows the insertion of mixers in contexts subject to greater corrosion, for example in the marine environment and on board of boats . Furthermore, for the Eleven series, Perphorma has designed the recesses ad hoc, with the double result of ensuring, in addition to the ease of installation, complete adherence to the coating for an even more impeccable aesthetic effect.

From a functional point of view, Eleven is available with two different types of cartridges: with classic movement for external washbasins; or progressive / rotating for built-in solutions. The collection is also equipped with a jointed aerator, which allows better orientation of the water jet and is also supplied with water flow limiter (5,5 liters per minute for the basin mixers; 8 liters per minute for the shower heads and 22 liters per minute for tank mixers) for the reduction of energy waste with a consequent economic advantage.

The series - composed of different models for sink, bidet, bath and shower - goes perfectly with the different interior design contexts, thanks to the possibility of customizing it, opting between the satin or glossy surface and between five different finishes with a strong impact visual (Black, Graphite, Champagne, Terra di Siena and Rosa) with anti-scratch treatment and vaporization to ensure greater durability.

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