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N + M Studio & Aut Studio present Hypotenuse Collection

N + M Studio & Aut Studio present Hypotenuse Collection it has been modified: 2019-04-03 di ennepiuemmestudio

A collection of seats that pays tribute to Pythagoras, founder of one of the most important schools of thought of antiquity: the Pythagorean school of Crotone.
This is how Hypotenuse Collection was born from the collaboration between the designers of N + M Studio and Aut Studio: an exclusive series of armchairs and a coffee table designed for the Milan Design Week 2019 and inspired by the Pythagorean elements.

The hypotenuse as a design element capable of bringing together mathematics, architecture and philosophy. The legend tells that Pythagoras demonstrated the homonymous theorem while, waiting for hearing from Policrate, sitting in a large hall he observed a square tile cracked exactly on the diagonal from which he elaborated his proof. The hypotenuse, pivot of the theorem, is in this sense an ontological element, that is, concerning the very nature of things, of man and of the world.

Reconnecting to the same mathematical and philosophical concepts, the architects of N + M Studio and Aut gave birth to the idea of ​​an armchair that develops in two dimensions, as in the Cartesian system: in length "x" and in width "y". The construction of each of them is based on the hypotenuse, on which the seat (the active part in the act of sitting) finds its proportions and to which it delegates its support (foundation).

The pure abstraction of the Theorem that determines the shape of the chair is added to the
lightness of the metal structure and the curved wood of the seat. The table poetically interprets the construction of the hypotenuse on the circle.

Hypotenuse Collection will be previewed at the forthcoming Milan Design Week (9-14 April), at the formidable Lambrate club in via Ventura 3 (Lambrate Design District). For the occasion, a special edition of the Hypotenuse will also be made in Living Coral, elected "Color of the Year 2019" by Pantone.

The classicism, which is also a source of inspiration and a starting point in this project of the two studios, does not therefore disdain a compromise with contemporaneity, as happened for L'Otivm, the place in the heart of Milan designed by the architects of N + M Study and inspired by the metaphysical art of Giorgio De Chirico. "Our post-avant-garde-rationalist approach and the meta-historical conceptual approach of Aut was the winning mix that gave life to Hypotenuse" explains architect Nick Maltese, founder of N + M Studio. “After the positive participation in the last editions of the Fuorisalone, this year we would like to leave a mark bringing back the real made in Italy, not only in terms of design, but above all as a product of thought, which from Pythagoras to the present day continues to represent excellence above all historical locations ".

For the occasion, the channel of N + M Studio will be launched on IGTV, dedicated to the world of architecture and design, with videos, interviews and curiosities, edited by the creative agency Studio 7 Comunicazione, social media partner of the event.

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