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Natuzzi Open Art in the United States to the Miami Art Week

Natuzzi Open Art Miami
Natuzzi Open Art in the United States to the Miami Art Week it has been modified: 2015-11-25 di Benedict Flowers

Natuzzi Italy has for the first time in the United States, during Miami Art Week, the project Open Art, born in 2007 with the aim of bringing art into Natuzzi stores and to make it accessible, "open" to all.

The project involves collaboration with contemporary artists of different backgrounds who are asked to create site-specific works of art to bring to life in the most prestigious Natuzzi flagship store in the world.

On the occasion of the grand opening of the Natuzzi flagship store in Miami, Wednesday, December 2 2015, it will be presented the site-specific installation by the artist Adrien Missika (Paris, 1981) fruit dive at the headquarters of Natuzzi in Puglia, where they are Centro Stile and the Product Development Centre which form the creative heart of the company.

The French artist Adrien Missika, active between Berlin and Mexico City, was invited by curator Myriam ben Salah for her ability to translate the personal experience of a place into works capable of involving, from time to time, different media , from sculpture to photography, from installation to video. The project will allow Missika to come into direct contact with Puglia, historically a land of contamination, a crossroads in the Mediterranean of cultures and influences, a union of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and ability to "know how" and with the company in all its aspects related to design to production, but also to research on materials and technological experimentation.

Puglia is the "muse" of the brand Natuzzi, a land with which the company has a strong and vital, an essential element for understanding the essence that has always animated and identifies the brand.

"I enthusiastically accepted the invitation of the Natuzzi Open Art project", says Missika. "Some aspects of my research, linked to the modern idea of ​​escape and leisure and their trade representation can intertwine in an interesting way with the philosophy and aesthetics of Natuzzi."

The challenge will be to interpret the concept of Missika Harmony Maker, a statement which summarizes the ability of Natuzzi create perfect harmonies spaces. The concept is therefore supporting the harmony between objects, a harmony to live in the house, which is the archetype on which develops the DNA of the brand: Natuzzi blends design and function to create harmonious living.

Natuzzi Italy with this new project strengthens its ties with the world of contemporary art by supporting innovation and by projecting on the global stage inspirations that make the brand unique. On the occasion of the opening, Disaronno, the world's most popular Italian liqueur, will present a special cocktail Natuzzi designed specifically for the stage of Open Art in Miami.

Adrien Missika, Natuzzi Open Art Miami

Adrien Missika, Natuzzi Open Art Miami - October 2015 Natuzzi headquarters, Santeramo in Puglia (Bari)

Natuzzi Open Art Miami

Adrien Missika, Jr Pasquale Natuzzi - October 2015 Natuzzi headquarters, Santeramo in Puglia (Bari)

Natuzzi Open Art Miami

Pasquale Natuzzi Jr - October 2015 Natuzzi headquarters, Santeramo in Puglia (Bari)

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