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MAXI BILD AND MAXI RIM two new BUZZI & BUZZI recessed ceiling and wall lighting products

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MAXI BILD AND MAXI RIM two new BUZZI & BUZZI recessed ceiling and wall lighting products it has been modified: 2014-01-07 di socialdesign magazine

Expands with the addition of two New products lighting recessed ceiling e wall  "Competitive", the range of lighting Buzzi & Buzzi intended, in particular, the world's Contract: Maxi Bild e Maxi Rim designed to respond to the ever increasing market needs to have, at the same time, an undoubted level of quality and affordability.

Maxi Bild e Maxi Rim therefore come to be part of "family"Alongside the Contract lighting products Alkabox, Bild Lys, Rim, Matrix, Phantom, Ellipse base, base ball and Telescopic, made in the innovative material Coral® From high technical, shockproof, Heat e be decorated with any type of paint and finish, ensuring the durability of the object in time.

A collection of technical products recessed ceiling e wall that, thanks to the material with which they are made and the linear and clean design that distinguishes them, are perfectly integrated into the surfaces, achieving extraordinary results of total disappearance.

With Maxi Bild and Maxi Rim, Buzzi & Buzzi's commitment to the search for lighting solutions innovative with a view to energy saving.

Not only by the use of Coral® that going beyond the concept of zero impact, proposes itself with an active role that improves the space in which it is installed, but also through the choice of Led best sources on the market.

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