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The online shop Swart grows promoting a new culture of design

The online shop Swart grows promoting a new culture of design it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di jessica zannori

The new designers involved by Swart Projects are Ardes, Auso, David Paganotti, Francesco Pace, Gianluca Facchini, Marica Vizzuso Sbobina and design, the architects of ironic and functional furnishings. The conscious use of the material and the colors accompanies the exploration of forms multifunctional, flexible, ironic and contemporary.

The design solutions that become part of the world of Swart leave freedom of expression to those who will choose, in the sign of the interaction and personalization of space.

The will of the young founders of Swart is that the platform is distinguished by selection and consistent high quality.

The site is the guarantor, along with designers, processing made in Italy and the characteristics of the products. In addition to sales, Swart is interested in the promotion and dissemination of a new culture of the project.

Witness some of the initiatives of which is a promoter, as competition under 35 "Design Suite - Ideas to be fixed"Launched with the cultural association Argent de Posh within Paratissima 2013. The prototypes of the winners of the competition will be on display during the Fuorisalone 2014 along with new projects and a selection of products for sale on Swart.

For the Christmas season, finally, Swart was among the protagonists of Index - Independent Design Exhibition, temporary exhibition in Milan where you can discover and buy items self-produced and manufactured in small series, which comes to life testing of materials, ideas and the value of the productions ar tigianali. The exhibition is organized by the agency of digital communication MONFOR you here that will transfer its offices from March 2014.

Swart spreads a selection of original products, promotes projects enterprising designers and believes in alternative production systems.

Marica Vizzuso - B-OK

B-OK Marica Vizzuso

is the summary of an intellectual process that uses a game of contrasts. B-oK is the dichotomy full / empty where the compactness and the stability of a material such as iron is interspersed by the absence of the material itself, which creates an overall visual lightness. This process results in a structural elegant contrast of light and shadow that characterize the environment that surrounds it. B-ok is also action / stillness that reveals the versatility of this furniture. Interacting with it can vary its shape tower, in a zig zag, which assumes the function of a room divider. Oppositions simplified in a rectangular metal, in which you can put stacks of books with neat extravagance and adapt to the needs of the spaces.

David Paganotti - Hannibal

"Hannibal" David Paganotti

is the elephant rocking honeycomb cardboard recycled 98%, felt and wood. Honeycomb has a thickness of 16 mm, it is robust and suitable to withstand the weight and stress of young riders. The socket of light brown, natural and neutral color that communicates the sustainable nature of the product, and the outside white create a chiaroscuro effect and movement. Cardboard, white deliberately, can be colored and customized with crayons, markers, tempera, stickers or other to make Hannibal "your" Hannibal. The wood details combined with felt and cardboard to fit harmoniously and give increased strength. The felt on the seat and on the slides can soften the movements and not to damage the floors.

Gianluca Facchini - Libar

Libar, Gianluca Facchini,

is a library from the simple design, a structure composed of a steel frame and painted three large sliding shelves made of wood veneered oak or walnut. A solution characterized by structural mobility, what at first looks like the union of precise rigid lines, shapes and geometric shapes gives way to a dynamic creative disorder, with a flexible and versatile library that invites the user interaction and customization according to need or taste.

Auso - Demi - Slak

Demi is a table made of birch plywood lacquered.

The section lets you see the thickness of the structure and the internal part. The interior and exterior are of different color and that it stands out the form and highlights the function. The ability to store items inside makes it versatile. The collection is completed with the chair Slak, panels made of birch plywood lacquered. The colors are used to highlight different parts of the object and give a sense of lightness. The name, which in Dutch means snail, was chosen to chair thinking like the shell of an animal. The container below allows its owner to establish a bond with the chair, putting into something personal, making each time a new object.

Ardes Projects - Bonatti

Bonatti of Ardes Projects

Walter Bonatti, nicknamed "The King of the Alps" was one of the most famous Italian mountaineers. Bonatti of Ardes Projects is a wall lamp made of sheet metal laser cut and painted. The climber faces the vertical wall, supported only by the electric cable, anchored firmly to the wall, supports him and prevent him from falling into the void. Thanks to the modularity of the various elements and the availability of various colors and finishes, you can compose and customize in a unique arrangement of lights, adding more climbers or, as in real shipments, even putting them "roped in" one after the other .

Sbobina design - Boris

The modules of Boris Sbobina Design

are furnishing multifunctional. Can be stools, bookcases, shelves, benches or tables. Their diagonal cut and the color component, in addition to giving dynamism to the space, you can create joints and combinations always different and unique. Each module is unique but replicable form. The modules are a tribute to Boris Boris Vian, jazz musician and writer who was pataphysic irony of improvisation and its distinctive features.

Francis Pace - Pacchery family 01

Francesco Pace

Through the use of porcelain, the draft Francesco Pace celebrates the profound and emblematic tradition of Italian cuisine. The porcelain bears in itself an imaginary of elegance and sophistication, search for details and expert workmanship, which binds perfectly to the culture of pasta that is carefully crafted and respect for tradition. The study of the form, in its elegance and simplicity, door symbolically within the home environment gesture pour the pasta through the iconic elements and symbolic; methodically designed to accompany the feature. The object itself becomes celebration of its content and the comparison between the two elements, pasta and porcelain, by their nature becomes complementary.

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