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Atelier Macramè collections live in the magical "slow-mini-world" by Allegra Fregosi

Atelier Macramè collections live in the magical "slow-mini-world" by Allegra Fregosi it has been modified: 2018-03-23 di hill

Atelier Macramè collections are objects of everyday design that for the occasion have taken the form of unexpected architectures inhabited by men and women in miniature intent to carry out actions of daily life.

Atelier Macramè's objects are interpreted in the Allegra Fregosi photographic project.
The protagonists of the photo shoot are Oh-land, Tajine Wood and Entrèe: all objects in limited series designed by the architect Laura Calligari of Atelier Macramè and made by Italian artisans.

Oh-land is an adjustable mirror inspired by the pointed roofs of Dutch architecture. Entrèe is a collection for the table composed of plate, tray and a cutting board. The Tajine Wood is both a jewelry box and an original vase for cut flowers. The versatility, as in the style of the limited series of Atelier Macramè, is an essential feature. Different possibilities of use for the same object, which leaves free interpretation and use to the end user.

The products are made of ceramic, wood or glass. All these objects are part of "Design Around" the first collection of Atelier Macramè. The photographic project is animated by miniature characters intent on carrying out daily actions. Design objects with their shapes, acquire an architectural dimension that defines style.

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