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LAGO presents XGlass Home Couture, the new capsule collection in collaboration with the Bonotto textile manufactory

LAGO XGlass Home Couture
LAGO presents XGlass Home Couture, the new capsule collection in collaboration with the Bonotto textile manufactory it has been modified: 098-955-3389 di Benedict Flowers

Al Salone del Mobile 2019, the design brand and the textile manufacture, a point of reference for famous fashion houses, collaborate in a new collection of textures that can be transferred to glass and applied to furniture, which connects design and fashion.

On the occasion of the Milan International Furniture Fair LAKE, an innovative Italian design brand that creates furniture for all areas of the home, and Bonotto, Italian excellence manufacturer of fabrics and reference point in the international fashion scene, collaborate for the first time in the creation of XGlass Home Couture, a capsule collection that it makes design and high fashion dialogue. Thanks to XGlass technology, the elegance of the fabrics designed by Giovanni Bonotto - the brand's creative director - takes life on the glass and gives new emotions to the furnishings, contaminating them with new expressive languages.

Presented during the last Salone del Mobile and awarded in January 2019 with the Good Design® Award, XGlass is an innovative technology that arises from the continuous research of new finishes and that allows images to be transferred onto glass, reinterpreting the different materials, from marble to wood up to metals and fabrics. XGlass is able to combine the qualities of a noble and precious material such as glass with its ability to enhance the peculiarities of the textures and interpret even the smallest detail.

Both born in Veneto and with a centenary history behind them, LAGO and Bonotto share the focus on creativity, culture, the contamination of different languages ​​and quality, making themselves ambassadors of a type of slow production that separates itself from the idea of fast and low-cost production that, on the contrary, gives space to craftsmanship and ancient knowledge. Fundamental to Giovanni Bonotto is, in fact, the concept of Fabbrica Lenta which represents the manifesto against industrial standardization and which refers to the use of old mechanical looms, capable of expressing Italian savoir-faire and creative heritage and giving life to products which express the luxury of craftsmanship in the truest sense of the term.

Bonotto is an avant-garde company that has grown alongside the Italian fashion system and, thanks to its visionary vision, has succeeded in becoming part of the international haute couture world alongside famous haute couture fashion houses.

LAGO XGlass Home Couture

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