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The kitchen is dressed in dark colors: Exotic Essence and Pure Essence by Martini

The kitchen is dressed in dark colors: Exotic Essence and Pure Essence by Martini it has been modified: 2019-09-11 di terzomillennium

Intense shades like brown, the sophisticated and refined tones of blue and dark gray, the absolute elegance of black: the 2020 sees the triumph of dark tones throughout the home, but also and above all in the kitchen. Strong colors that denote a strong personality and strongly identify a style, in contrast or in coordination between the various spaces of the house.

Martini presents in its contemporary program two kitchens that well match this trend: Exotic Essence and Pure Essence, examples of a modern mood oriented towards luxury design, which does not forget the value of high Made in Italy craftsmanship. Progetto Essenza, designed by Arbet Design, celebrates the evolution of the company towards an atmosphere more in line with the latest trends in furnishing, proposing particular and refined exotic woods.


Essenza Exotic is a triumph of rosewood, warm and brilliant in all its beauty. A dark brown and vibrant wood that goes well with metallic details and the Emperador Dark marble top. The technology is carefully integrated into the design with smooth lines that frame the spaces and create an architecture of great impact. The intense chromatic nuance of wall units, shelves and doors opposes the luminous whiteness of the island in white lacquer with dark marble top.


Stainless steel and blue eucalyptus are the key elements of Essenza Pure, in which design becomes essential to leave room for the intensity of the wood and details. A kitchen with a great aesthetic impact - with modern profiles and refined materials - which revisits the exclusive atmosphere of the large New York lofts. The midnight blue furniture contrasts with the purity of steel in the decorations and tops.

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