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JoeVelluto Studio at the 2018 Furniture Fair

JoeVelluto Studio at the 2018 Furniture Fair it has been modified: 2018-04-03 di Elena Brunati

JoeVelluto (JVLT), a design studio founded in 2004 by Andrea Maragno and Sonia Tasca, will take part in the next Salone del Mobile with various presences located throughout the city.
The Milanese kermesse, the international event par excellence dedicated to the most anticipated design of the whole year, will be the occasion to tell some of the prestigious collaborations in being and the latest projects of the Studio.

"Stories. Italian Design "- Triennale Design Museum (14 April 2018 - 20 January 2019)

April 14 "Stories will open to the public. Italian Design ", the eleventh edition of the Triennale Design Museum. The first room of the Museum dedicated to the Contemporary, curated by Chiara Alessi, will stage a store in the space dedicated to Click & Collect, active and really working to tell the dynamics of contemporary design.
Italian design is BuyBox, an intelligent retail kiosk that will transform the space dedicated to Click & Collect into a "phygital" interaction and relationship place, offering an innovative omnichannel shopping experience, which combines the flexibility of online shopping with comfort and the instant gratification of the purchase in the store. The distributor includes a selection of products by Italian companies and designers designed specifically for the Triennale Design Museum or re-edited for the occasion, which are only visible virtually but which can be purchased on site and must be physically collected in the Museum.
Among the protagonists also the "Amen Lumen" lightbulb designed by JoeVelluto with Alessandro Mendini, in the 2014.
A reflection on the river of people on pilgrimage to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, in search of ideas and enlightening ideas, travel inexorably through the streets of design, touching all the unmissable "stations". JoeVelluto (JVLT) proposed the fundamental "station" of this pilgrimage in 2014: the exhibition 'Amen / Lumen' which was set up in the MARS Milano space. Anyone who came to this goal could have reached and discovered true enlightenment. "Give me the lighting, blessed light bulb!"

PLUST Collection - 2018 Furniture Fair - Milan Rho Fair - 10 Hall / D12 Stand

The JoeVelluto Studio from 2006 follows the art direction of PLUST Collection brand of euro3plast Spa - a company from Vicenza specialized in the production of rotomoulding furniture and accessories for exteriors, characterized by a design philosophy where aesthetic research meets technology with the aim of create a "especially ordinary" product -.
On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile the company presents itself to the public of Stampa, architects and professionals with a new identity image completely renewed.
Starting from the values ​​and the mission that has always characterized the company and its production, JVLT has studied the concept of the new identity PLUST, consistently developing the tools of the brand identity: an exclusive brand book that tells the evolution of the brand over time and the new message through a photographic campaign created by JoeVelluto Studio and realized by Maurizio Marcato, a preface by Chiara Alessi and an unpublished story of the brand's approach to design; the product catalog, the website, the campaign image, the merchandising, all linked by a common thread: a tone of voice of innovation and creativity that is also reflected in the new exhibition concept of the exhibition space in Rho.

EVENT "WELC (H) OME MARKET" - Cascina Cuccagna (13 - 22 April 2018)

Hosted at Cascina Cuccagna, the project "Welc (h) ome Market" is a new concept that includes a mini market structured not from industrial shelves, but from a line of furniture with domestic lines but with high technological and sustainable component (material: Paperstone) made by the company Arneg, main partner of the event together with Gruppo Incontra, technical partner.
The project (which includes the concept, product and communication of the event) is by Galileo Visionary District (Padua Science and Technology Park), and SID Scuola Italiana Design, of which Andrea Maragno is responsible for teaching and art.
Technical partner of the WOMSH initiative - Italian company producing eco-friendly sneakers - currently in collaboration with the JVLT studio for the development of the new image and a new product - which for the occasion will dress the project staff with customized footwear "WOMSH X SID ".

EXHIBITION IDEA - THE SUPERMARKET DESIGN, "RULLSTOL" project - Superstudio Più (17 - 22 Aprile 2018)

The Rullstol "Rullstol" wheelchair, designed in wood and metal, bears the JVLT signature, which uses purchasing components for the mobile part, in line with the Ikea philosophy, which will be exhibited as part of the collective exhibition IDEA - Il Design Supermarket.

The IDEA project began as a reflection on how in recent decades a new phenomenon has arisen in the furniture sector, with the appearance of large furnishing chains offering a complete line of household items. The curator / creator Niklas Jacob has thus invited 18 designer to reflect on this topic, in an ironic way, creating an IDEA flat-pack and do-it-yourself.
A proposal that, thanks to a contemporary and innovative language, confirms how much design should be for everyone, within everyone's reach and for every day.
RULLSTOL is a furnishing chair with super abilities for people with disabilities.

The project by JoeVelluto (JVLT) is a reflection on the everyday life of a disabled person, very often made of objects that already communicate at the semiotic level diversity, hardness and lack of empathy with the user. Design has a moral and social duty to develop a language of "normality" even for these objects, to be able to enjoy beauty in all its forms!

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