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Isomix Rubinetterie Stella. The origin and evolution of thermostatic mixers

Isomix Rubinetterie Stella. The origin and evolution of thermostatic mixers it has been modified: 2016-10-24 di Lorenzo Lorenzo Strona Strona & Partners & Partners

Rubinetterie Stella It boasts the paternity of the first Italian thermostatic mixer and one of the first in the world. In fact Isomix was introduced on the market in 1956, gaining immediately a great success, thanks to the innovative strength that distinguished the operation and the design by Angelo Mangiarotti.

Over time, Isomix has been continually refined by Rubinetterie Stella, always offering a high quality product, able to ensure high performance with great efficiency. To ensure maximum user comfort and avoid hot water waste, the regulator device is designed to quickly react to changes of pressure and temperature. Today, thanks to the high level of reliability achieved in half a century of evolution, the thermostatic mixer is particularly suitable when the precision of the water temperature is very important, and more generally for the hotel industry. The bronze recessed body is guaranteed for life, and in fact are still available spares for the first version of 60 years ago.

Aesthetically, Isomix assumes each time the style of the collection in which it is inserted, adapting perfectly to any shape, such as, for example, in the extra luxury of Italica line, in the hexagonal profiles and inspiration of Cubist Exalted, and the innovative and sophisticated volumes of neoclassical series Casanova. In addition, the Isomix mixer is declined in the same refined finishes proposed for several collections Rubinetterie Stella, and embellished with details such as guilloche work on the plates, which make it unique and inimitable.

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