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IOricicloTuricicli 7, 2016 Fuorisalone

IOricicloTUricicli 7 2016 Fuorisalone
IOricicloTUricicli 7 2016 Fuorisalone
IOricicloTuricicli 7, 2016 Fuorisalone it has been modified: 2016-04-02 di Benedict Flowers

For FUORISALONE 2016 the projectIOricicloTUricicli now in its SEVENTH EDITION he calls together the designers' world on a more suggestive theme that never #designornotdesign. A choice courtly citation of the famous Shakespearean question to tell the contemporary design.

As "to be or not to be?" ... The questions this year are existential. That design is a mark of being? To live? Thinking? The design is a solution to the demands of social change? The design influences the lives and our choices? Design Design or not?


New solutions and new avenues. New design features, exciting new theses ... new research and experimentation to give shape to utopias ... These are some of the brands prerogatives of selected design for Fuorisalone2016:

  • Edilatte Edizero Group Architecture of Peace: Presentation of Biomaterials born Italian agriculture that become wonderful architecture ... with the North to the South of Italy agricultural surpluses arise the colors of Edilatte realized directly during Expo 2015 in collaboration with the Association of Italian Pavilion Expo.
  • Lessmore: The Ecodesign Collection, furnishings line which includes chairs, tables, modular systems and furnishings. All of its products - designed by Giorgio Caporaso - are united by a sustainable design, unique and elegant, with a simple yet sophisticated functionality and an ethic environmentally conscious and future.
  • ANGOLOACUTO: The study design, inside the event will propose its vision of sustainable, innovative design, presenting Tamara Blue with LIBRARY modular FRIDA made with copper-colored recycling iron elements. A sort of "ivy" that creates a fun and functional wall installation and FRIDA GREEN elements in modular recycled iron, which become, through the addition of Plexiglas and glass accessories, modules that receive the "green" of our house . Gianfranco Coltella present with Jellyfish collection, born from the recovery of glass plates, cut into small pieces, into regular shapes (squares, rectangles and triangles), suitably treated as not to be sharp. T & T Lab Dorian propose the furniture Cover, born from the need to reframe and protect antiquities, through the aid of a transparent plexiglass superstructure, which makes the furniture usable again.
  • Stefano Notargiacomo: The piece of furniture that you do not expect, because there is a project defined at the start, but from the research of the specific mechanical piece, around which draw a shape that gives life to a work of art. In this way, the mechanics of the car, it deconstructs and reassembles in lamps, tables and other items of furniture.
  • The Special Bikes: Each creation is unique, designed and made by hand by Gianni Special. Each model, studied in detail, pays homage to the Italian city. Through their own bikes, all treated with ecological materials, wants to contribute to a style of life and conscious.
  • Alborno | Grilz Architecture and Supplies: They have a few pieces of VESSEL Collection a line of furniture products that are the highest expression of dematerialisation, a simple and linear design. Varnishing which drastically reduces the presence of synthetic solvents, while the wood finish is realized with natural waxes. Total recyclability of products, designed so that the elements that make them easily identifiable and separable at the time of their disposal.
  • Elmec Solar: contemporary in living energy consumption is an increasingly important issue. In particular the use of renewable energy sources and energy optimization produced are the subject of research in constant evolution. Elmec Solar, part of the Italian group Elmec Brunello (VA) specializes in the design and installation of photovoltaic solar systems that since 2015 has also embraced the energy storage, has always been sensitive to the reduction of energy waste and pollutant emissions. It will present a temporary exhibition "Green Energy - Green Living," in which the protagonist is a display structure of ecodesign conceived and designed by Giorgio Caporaso. The company has some powerstorage solutions which retailers, showing how the energy storage connected to renewables is expected to become a growing presence within our living spaces. A trend that dropped in everyday life, can and should meet the taste and style that most resembles us.

IOricicloTUricicli born in 2010 to give space and visibility to new talents of the Italian design scene this year puts the spotlight on the best of Italian production. As established formula and successful event venue always the prestigious location of the Fuorisalone nhow Milan, in via Tortona 35.

A kit also shows the section dedicated to 10 winning photos of challenge on instagram #designornotdesign realized in collaboration with YelpMilano.

#designornotdesign ... that is the question !!!

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