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Hilary, and Elettra Dama, the design of FEDERICA BIASI at Salone del Mobile 2017

Federica Biasi
Hilary, and Elettra Dama, the design of FEDERICA BIASI at Salone del Mobile 2017 it has been modified: 2017-03-03 di Benedict Flowers

Ilario Electra and Dama, the first two products from Mingardo and the third by Incipit, are the three projects with which the designer Federica Biasi will participate in the Salone del Mobile 2017.

Class 1989, Federica Biasi graduated from the European Institute of Design, has worked with various design agencies in Milan and then moved to Amsterdam to study Nordic design. He is currently art director of the Italian brand Mingardo and collaborates as a creative consultant with design companies such as Fratelli Guzzini.

Federica is a designer in 360 °, its philosophy is based on a clean aesthetic approach: nothing is left to chance, every detail has a purpose whether it be a product or of an artistic direction.


The name of the mirror describes its essence, Ilario: The Founder of Mingardo carpentry, known for its architectural collaborations with Carlo Scarpa. Federica Biasi, inspired by the historical workshop circular windows, drew a load of meanings product.

Hilary brings with it the historical baggage of the company expressing an artisanal virtuosity of other times, in a product that draws its own inspiration in the styles of the past. This entire stretch of brass support is the icon icon of the new artistic direction of the brand.

Ilario for Mingardo

Producer: Mingardo
Product type: Mirror
Materials: Iron and brass
dimensions: × × 47 18,5 47 cm


An essential and poetic recounts a product, feminine and elegant, described in the opposition between full and empty and contrasting colors. The suspension upward highlights the flower and characterizes its noble sweetness.

The elegant furnishings, copper and iron in a blue electroplating make it unique in its kind, a modern sculpture that emphasizes the glory of Italian craftsmanship.

Elettra for Mingardo

Elettra for Mingardo

Producer: Mingardo
Product type: Single flower vase
Materials: Copper and iron blue
dimensions: 16 x 16 x 35 cm

DAMA with Simone Bonanni

Colors and geometric shapes define an object on the border between practicality and decorum, quiet in the forms, rich in simple details and valuable use. A treasure trove of fragments of everyday life, objects, memories, secrets.

Checkers, the new Incipit project signed by the duo Federica and Simone Biasi Bonnani, is presented as a versatile system of stackable cylindrical containers of different heights and colors, ready to characterize different domestic dwelling environments: one coin trays in the living room, a pen holder and accessories on a desk in the study, jewelry and makeup in the bedroom.

The lid fact, embellished with a small brass handle, hides inside a circular mirror, item satisfying the human innate passion for the appearance.

Dama for Incipit with S. Bonanni5

Dama for Incipit with S. Bonanni5

Dama for Incipit with S. Bonanni5

Dama for Incipit with S. Bonanni5

Producer: Incipit
Product type: storage with mirror stackable containers
Materials: Aluminum, plexiglass and brass-plated steel
dimensions: 1 level - 25x19x7 cm / 3 levels - 25x19x13 cm

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