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The lifestyle Dialma Brown becomes wearable

Dialma Brown 03 bags
The lifestyle Dialma Brown becomes wearable it has been modified: 2015-05-06 di Benedict Flowers

Not only furniture, but a real lifestyle wearable.

Dialma Brown, Company of furniture and accessories, also offers a wide collection of bags and fabric shopper, you evoke the spirit of the brand.

Choose Dialma Brown means to surround products that evoke the atmosphere of past years making them relive it again in a different light. The old and the new, the past and the present meet to blend together, creating original and unique furnishings, as unique and fascinating are these and bags.

Dialma Brown 01 bags

The Dialma Brown bags are designed for women who possess a keen eye to the latest fashion trends but, at the same time, do not give up practicality.

Dialma Brown 02 bags

Dialma Brown 04 bags

Dialma Brown 05 bags

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