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The sofa according Divanova: spacious, comfortable and technological

Antares Divanova
The sofa according Divanova: spacious, comfortable and technological it has been modified: 2017-06-12 di MDIP

With Divanova Srl, an Italian company founded in 2016, it comes a new idea of ​​the couch. Important measures, ample seating, optional technology and customization are the main features of the proposals that unite Italy and Germany, where the headquarters of the Sofa Dreams design studio.

These sofas, thanks to their forms and the various possibilities of compositions, are the protagonists of living and are easily placed also at the center of the environment.
They can be enriched with additional elements such as the letio function, peninsulas, shelves, glass shelves, tables in a coordinated and pillows; also for a sofa to a more contemporary style, there are accessories such as LED lights, adjustable in intensity and color thanks to a remote control, and USB ports.

All this studied in detail and ergonomic shapes to provide comfort and well-being. The choices are many with regard to the range of rivestmenti - fabric, leather, Italian leather, buffalo leather - carefully selected for their quality and to meet all needs.

All sofa company, made and produced exclusively with EU guaranteed materials, are visible and can be purchased on site, while at the Milan showroom is a selection of best seller. The company has two assembly service, focuses on complete customer satisfaction, for this provides the opportunity to make free, even for custom made models.

Among the various sofas present La Superba designed to combine contemporary forms, clean lines and plenty of space for relaxation; Vega is characterized by modern style, essential and important at the same time and, finally, Antares sectional sofa of comfort.

La Superba Divanova

Vega Divanova

Vega Divanova

Antares Divanova

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