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The color of the future in design? For the 2020 the fluid color of the tides.

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The color of the future in design? For the 2020 the fluid color of the tides. it has been modified: 2019-03-20 di Benedict Flowers

For the first time in Italy at the Design Week in the Ventura Centrale district (9 -14 April) Noroo, a Korean company that anticipates color trends in design, art and culture, presents Tides - Maree, an interactive exhibition in collaboration with the artists Kwangho Lee and Wang & Söderström

Not a definite color, but a fluid one that changes with the rhythms of nature, such as the movements of the Sun, Moon and Earth that produce the tides. This is the trend of color in design presented for the first time in Italy by Noroo, a Korean company leader in the paint sector, which every year with the Noroo International Color Trend Show - seminar dedicated to Color and Design involving world-renowned experts in various sectors such as architecture, and design, including architect Mario Bellini, to provide creative solutions - outlines the future of color in design, art and culture.

"We are used to - the company comments - to have a well-defined and saturated color every year that dictates the trend; in reality today in design it is more correct to speak of a color that is "created" by nature and the surrounding environment: it is a "fluid" color that adapts and is modified by the environment ".

The color of the future is artistically interpreted by the exhibition Tides - Maree, in the Central Ventura district that draws inspiration from the stratifications of time, pulsations and synchronies of the universe, which man is no longer able to hear or perceive clearly. An interaction between color and nature that manifests itself in sensory perceptions in synergic contact with the environment that surrounds us.

Noroo tides

Part of this interconnected cosmos is the complex dance of gravity between the Moon, Earth and Sun, which produces the Tides on Earth. During low tide, the water withdraws revealing a mysterious landscape usually hidden, with reflecting pools and curious shapes. An experience to be seized, in which time, color and light become fluid, like the ocean.

Two artists are the protagonists of the Tides - Maree installation: the Korean Kwangho Lee and the Danish studio Wang & Söderström.

Kwangho Lee proposes 100 modular stools from The Moment of Eclipse series. Each eclipse-shaped stool forms a union with the nearby stool, giving rise to chains of infinite and intriguing variations.

Kwangho Lee starts from a reflection on his own relationship with objects, giving new meanings and functions to everyday objects. Today, while continuously presenting new series of works, Lee develops this approach discovering the particularities of the different materials that meet: marble with marble, copper with enamel, steel with steel. Kwangho Lee describes his works as the frame of the moment of union.

Wang & Söderström, the other creative duo, present an otherworldly landscape with dream colors in the exhibition, conveying the impression of being in the center of a solar eclipse. For visitors it will be like walking at low tide, immersed in changing lights and colors, reflecting themselves in the pools and discovering objects and sculptures on an unusual terrain with new perspectives.

Wang & Söderström is an art and design studio with a focus on digital / physical explorations and construction, which aims to create unexpected experiences, stimulating the mind through materiality and technology. Its members are Anny Wang, a space and furniture designer, and Tim Söderström, an architect. Since the beginning of their collaboration, their experience in three-dimensional software has developed into an artistic practice that has broken the boundaries of their respective disciplines, extending beyond the limits of art and design.

Noroo is among the main protagonists in the history of the Korean chemical industry. Since its founding in 1945, Noroo has exerted its influence on various business areas such as paints, ink, resin and plastics for over 70 years, making the history of Korean industrial development.

Today NOROO represents in Korea the "color trend" in design, art and culture, cooperating in a stable way with incredibly creative reference figures all over the world, and supports the worldwide spread of creative companies. Noroo realizes NCTS (Noroo International Color Trend), a seminar that every year involves the best color experts in the world to offer a vision of the sector and the market.

In the 2019 architect Mario Bellini held his first conference in Korea.

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