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Christmas gift ideas 2015 and many innovations by Seletti

Seletti Xmas Selection 2015
Christmas gift ideas 2015 and many innovations by Seletti it has been modified: 2015-11-14 di Benedict Flowers

2015 Christmas gift ideas, again this year Seletti, the famous Italian design brand, offers numerous gift ideas to put under the tree in which originality, irony and surprise are guaranteed.

Lots of news to satisfy all tastes, to choose among the collections: Art de la table, Objects and Lighting Seletti.


Tempers most poetic and visionary can not help but appreciate the line for the table Cosmic Diner conceived with diesel Living, which, taking inspiration from space, proposes a series of innovations that are added to the set of plates depicting the planets, the Sun and the Moon. Spotlight on the Starman vase, the reproduction of a porcelain astronaut down to the smallest detail; the backpack on his shoulders is in fact provided with a hole that makes it flower holder. The Rocket salt and pepper mills in the shape of a missile, made of lacquered and decorated wood, with steel and ceramic grinder, and Meteorite glasses, which seem to come directly from the space, are part of the same collection: electroplated with gold finish and available in two measures, are made of mouth-blown glass by expert craftsmen and have a double chamber to preserve the temperature of the drinks.

Christmas gift ideas 2015 Diesel Living with Seletti Cosmic Diner

Diesel Living with Seletti, collection Cosmic Diner

Christmas gift ideas 2015 Diesel living with Seletti Cosmic Diner

Christmas gift ideas 2015 Diesel living with Seletti Cosmic Diner glasses meteorite

Diesel Living with Seletti collection Cosmic Diner, glasses Meteorite

For those who love table art, without ever giving up elegance, the Hybrid collection by the CTRLZAK duo is perfect. Among Seletti's best-sellers, he blends western and eastern culture through the use of bone china, giving rise to a product that is characterized by its uniqueness. From the plates to the cups, from the bowls to the vases, from the risers to the trays, Clarice cocktail glasses and the Berenice milk jug are added for Christmas.

Christmas gift ideas 2015, dairy Berenice, Hybrid collection of Seletti

Dairy Berenice, Hybrid collection of Seletti

Christmas gift ideas 2015, glasses Clarice, Hybrid collection of Seletti

Clarice glasses, Hybrid collection of Seletti

HYBRID clarice 1-2-3 1_bicchiere


The My Little Neighbor table lamp, designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, is the surprise that will win over the most romantic: poetic and evocative, it is a bright resin house contained in a glass urn. The name evokes a fairytale world that is suitable for children but also for adults: a parallel world to put on the bedside table, a small house inhabited by the neighbors we prefer.

Christmas gift ideas 2015, My Little Neighbour

The table lamp My Little Neighbour, designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

For those who love art, the MRND lamps by Elena Salmistraro are the ideal gift: a tribute to the maestro Giorgio Morandi, a current reinterpretation of his work declined through an emotional dialectic, which celebrates "the Morandi atmosphere", in a marriage between art and design.

Christmas gift ideas 2015, MRND Anna, Dina, Maria Teresa, Design Elena Salmistraro

MRND Anna, Dina, Maria Teresa, Design Elena Salmistraro

Writing a phrase of greeting with light is possible, thanks to the Vegaz and Neon Art products: the Vegaz are interior lights of great scenographic impact that reproduce the shape of all the letters of the alphabet (the metal structure contains a sequence of light bulbs led); Neon Art, on the other hand, are neon letters and symbols to be fixed to the wall and which can be connected to each other to write words and phrases.

Christmas gift ideas 2015, Neon Art Seletti

The letters and symbols are Neon Art Neon fixed to the wall, they can be connected to each other to write words and sentences.

Christmas gift ideas 2015, Vegaz Seletti

Vegaz are bright indoor visually stunning that reproduce the shape of all the letters of the alphabet.


For a gift dedicated to the workspace, Seletti offers Inception, Still Alive and the Caméra vases. Inception by Luca Nichetto - made of soft plastic material and available in pink, blue and gray - is perfect as a post box, but also functional as dish drainer: thanks to its contemporary design that recalls the skyline of New York, brings us with fantasy overseas. Still Alive by Antonio Aricò, on the other hand, is the functional and decorative object to keep the desk tidy: vases, containers, glasses and paperweights with geometric shapes and warm colors are combined in a multi-material set, in which brass, glass, wood coexist. copper, cork and porcelain. In addition, the Caméra vases by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba - which enrich the Concrete Collection - with their camera shape bring a touch of surreal on the desk and can be used both as containers and as vases for flowers thanks to the special waterproof coating.

Christmas gift ideas 2015, Stilll Alive Seletti

Still Alive Seletti

Christmas gift ideas 2015, Room

Vases Room Seletti

To bring a smile with a touch of irreverence under the tree, inevitable the new items in the Seletti wears Toiletpaper collection, born from the collaboration with the magazine of only images by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari: the umbrellas to deal with irony even the gray winter days and the new square cushions, made cross-stitch, available in the four Frog, Lipstick, Shit and Typewriter patterns.


umbrella type

SELETTI WEARS Toiletpaper Cushion lipstik

SELETTI WEARS Toiletpaper Cushion TEETH

Finally, for Milan lovers, the new Souvenir of Milan - LOVE is available, the controversial sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan - which stands out in Piazza Affari in front of the Stock Exchange - which has become a design object with Seletti. The three new versions of the carillon, the boule de neige and the miniature, restyling the 2014, will conquer the most original minds.

Christmas gift ideas 2015, LOVE - SELETTI

LOVE, inspired by the controversial sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan who stands in front of the Milan Stock Exchange

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