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The vertical gardens Sundar Italy to Sharjah Golf Club

The vertical gardens Sundar Italy to Sharjah Golf Club it has been modified: 2016-07-29 di Valentina Vincenti

In the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club entry hall were installed two of the highest green walls of the UAE. An important achievement for one of the most renowned private golf courses in the country, in addition to recreational facilities, offers many amenities for the business. A luxury place for unique experiences, wanted by Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani.

Sundar Italy It was chosen for the realization of these twin walls that were designed in collaboration with AD-MYRA SA.

Positioned at the sides of the main entrance, they reach 14 meters high and 4,5 meters wide with a 126mq surface, creating a spectacular waterfall of flowers and plants changing appearance and color with the seasons.

fascinating and exciting installation that welcomes guests and visitors.

Botanists have carefully chosen 26 different species of wood for about 9.400 plants including orchids, white and red anthurium, evergreen ficus and many other more or less voluminous, all pre grown for three weeks in the green house protected at the headquarters Sundar Italy and then moved on site, thus handing the customer a finished product at the level aesthetic.

The panels, transported in the UAE with a special cargo temperature controlled, have been installed on site to the supporting structure and has been inserted 'automatic plant irrigation, fertilization and sanitation.

The system is constantly monitored thanks to the support of cutting-edge technologies that allow direct control of the gardeners of the structure and also the headquarters of Sundar Italy, thus ensuring continuous care and immediate support in case of need.

Thanks to the coordination between the team Sundar Italy, designers and operational team, the laying of the green panels was completed in one day.

The entrance hall is further enhanced by two reflecting pools, positioned just below the vertical gardens: the important aesthetic impact is designed to emphasize the sense of tranquility, wellness and harmony that reigns in this place where luxury, innovation and attention the details are the basis of each service.

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