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The 5 senses of Contemporary Jewelery - Redefine Jewelery IV

The 5 senses of Contemporary Jewelery - Redefine Jewelery IV it has been modified: 2014-09-04 di ML

Redefine the Jewel IV, Dynamic Circuits, via Giovanola 19 / 21, Milan, from Sunday to September 28 18.30 hours.

The project re-define the jewel by Sonia Patrizia chain, now in its fourth edition, attempts to outline a search path in the fragmented landscape of contemporary jewelery, where there is no established definition and a history of structured gem and organic.

Contemporary jewelery is now a creative spirit that involves a substantial and growing number of artists, goldsmiths and designers, engaged in experimenting with forms, materials, techniques, in order to overcome or renew the traditional notion of ornament, making it a form independent art.

2010 from the competition "Redefining the Jewel" aims to disseminate and promote a new aesthetic of contemporary jewelery by searching for innovative materials and experimental, involved in a creative process where the added value does the idea.

This year the theme of the project was dedicated to the five senses: taste, sight, smell, touch, hearing, thus: "Redefining the Jewel in all senses, with all the senses."

The jewel is experiencing an emotion, and design it via the "Senses", the connotes a meaning, a meaning employees from their own artistic research.

The jewel-like "taste" (aroma, flavor); "View" (shapes, colors); "Smell" (perfumes, odors); "Touch" (materiality, plasticity) and "hearing" (sounds, noises). The fragrance allows us to travel through space and time, whereas touch conveys intimacy proxemics canceling the boundaries and limits, also hearing may give "voice" to the jewel and memory element, because we are reminded. All these associations of words and definitions allow us to understand how the senses lead us to a "journey" deep, to dive in the world.

The designers use materials and elements decontextualized and extrapolated from their context with the aim of transforming them into multifunctional jewels. They become accessories, yes, but not of fashion, but an “accessory” of the body, they dress it by conforming and modifying it. They demonstrate a strong personality, a strong identity that does not accompany the dress - as in the traditional meaning - but rise to co-stars, confirming its multifunctional and multipersonality character.

Sculptures, contemporary jewelery, fashion accessories, bijoux, terms that would blow up any traditional rubrication of functional design or high jewelery, yet they are - precisely because of their polymorphic and migrating nature - products of our contemporary, of our "liquid world" would say Zygmunt Bauman.

On display:

Ballabbio Malvina, Bezerra Màrcia, Bosio Olar Slobodanka, Bruni Michela, Casati Loriana, Catalano Erminia, Cerasoli Danila & Carbone Bernarda, Chimajarno (Trentin Chiara), Del Gamba Agnese, Â Eandare (Giovanninetti Lucilla), Ercolani Sandra, E-vasiva, Fenili Antonella, Finny's Design (Vitali Alessandra), Forte Laura, Fragiliadesign (Di Virgilio Francesca), Garbin Mara, Ghilardi Eleonora, Giardinoblu, Giuffrida Lorena, Lacerenza Carmela, Lanna Elisa, Leek (Porro Francesca), Liscia Micaela, Lovisetto Leonia, Maracanta (Bombardelli Lorena ), Meri Macramè Jewels (Iotti Marisa), Mia Contemporary Jewels (Sanfilippo Simona), Monguzzi Giovanna, Monti Arduini Olivia, Palmas Loana, Renzulli Alessandra, Rocco Maddalena, Rombolà Rosalba, Rossi Elena, Rotta Monica, Sala Alex, Soria Antonella, Volpi Laura, Wire Dèco Design (Minelli Fabiana).

Casati Loriana Listen to your heart part

Catalan Erminia Sound Vibrations

giuffrida collection metropolis nododamore VIEW

madeleine rocco Nyx bracelet mantle TOUCH

Michela Bruni - BIG SUMMER VIEW

Opening: September 28 2014 from 18: 30 to 21: 30

Dynamic circuits, Via Giovanola, 19 / 21 Milan
The exhibition will remain open until 05 / 10 / 2014
Hours: giov. ven.--sat. 17: 00 - 19: 00

Since 2010 continues to develop synergies and partnerships with different realities: Aglitteringwoman, Boop, Dynamic Circuits, DIMA-DESIGN, Gallery Rossini, GiuliaVigo photographer, Nature Woman Business and Asti Space, Space E.

Traveling exhibitions 2014 / 2015:

  • from 28 September to 5 October - Dynamic Circuits, Via Giovanola 19/21, Milan.
  • from 18 October to 15 November - DIMA-DESIGN, Via Crocefisso 2 a / b, Â Vimercate (MB).
  • 21/22/23 November - NDI - Spazio Asti, Via Asti 17, Milan.
  • from 22 to 25 January - Rossini Gallery, Viale Monte Nero 58, Milan.
  • from 7 to 13 February - Spazio E, Alzai Naviglio Grande 4, Milan.


Redefining the Jewel of Sonia Patrizia Chain

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