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Fabio Novembre new art director of Driade

Giuseppe Di Nuccio and Fabio Novembre_ph credits Settimio Benedusi
Giuseppe Di Nuccio and Fabio Novembre - ph credits Settimio Benedusi
Fabio Novembre new art director of Driade it has been modified: 2019-02-26 di Benedict Flowers

Driade undertakes a new strategy led by Giuseppe Di Nuccio and chooses Fabio Novembre - in the role of Art Director - for the most fashionable brand of ItalianCreationGroup.

Fabio Novembre - the prestigious Italian designer who has been creating iconic products for the Driade collections for years - is now the company's creative leader and the ideal person to capture the energy of fashion that Giuseppe Di Nuccio is transferring to the furniture world.

Versatility and experimentation, inspiration and charisma have distinguished Fabio Novembre and Driade distinguishing them as rebellious spirits on the global design scene. Two natural representatives, unique in their kind, of the Italian lifestyle with profound elective affinities.

The 50th anniversary of Driade anticipates the future with the contribution of Fabio Novembre, a student of Sottsass and Medini, a film student in New York and organizer of spaces, globetrotter, trend-setter and lover of beauty.

"Driade has always been an Italian brand to take with pride in the world and it is now my job to get it going. The wind will blow thanks to the contribution of the best minds, in line with the tradition of Driade: a nymph who, at 50 years has lost none of its charm, the best is yet to come! "Fabio Novembre

"Fabio Novembre has made a natural choice: with Fabio, Driade will be able to reveal his multiple personality: sexy but sophisticated, rock and pop, as experimental as it should be - to the extent necessary to break new creative codes in line with the aesthetic laboratory that has always represented. " Giuseppe Di Nuccio - CEO Driade

Fabio Novembre designs objects and interiors, showrooms, hotels and restaurants for the most important international companies, from design to fashion through art and architecture. Since 1994, year of its opening in the studio, has collaborated with major design companies such as Driade, Venini and Kartell; he has also designed interiors, showrooms and boutiques for fashion brands such as Blumarine and Stuart Weitzman, and has designed architectures for companies such as AC Milan and Lamborghini.

Driade, founded in 1968, is one of the partners of the Altagamma Foundation. In 2013 he joined the ItalianCreationGroup, the Italian luxury hub that includes prestigious brands such as Valcucine, FontanaArte and Toscoquattro.

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