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Diesel Open Workshop, Scavolini and Diesel still together with the new design for the kitchen and bathroom environments

Diesel with Scavolini kitchen Open Workshop
Diesel with Scavolini kitchen Open Workshop
Diesel Open Workshop, Scavolini and Diesel still together with the new design for the kitchen and bathroom environments it has been modified: 2016-04-07 di Benedict Flowers

After the great success of the Diesel Social Kitchen, presented at Eurocucina 2012, Scavolini e Dieselhave Diesel Open Workshop: the new program that, across the board, as the kitchen and bathroom environment continuing in the area of ​​taste research where design meets informally, in an impeccable balance.

This project is perfectly legible a warm approach to the domestic environment, with a strong industrial inspiration. Spaces are then interpreted as the place of intimacy, personality and, at the same time, sociability. At the center, a remarkable attention to style right down to the details, materials and textures, to create simple geometries but attractive design, loved by an audience that seeks a "apparent" simplicity of form.

From the architectural point of view, to define the character of Diesel Open Workshop include the modular metal structures made of tubular light industrial footprint iron which, thanks to the clever mix of full and empty, allow the construction of the compositions with an unmistakable soul subway, accentuated by the use of opaque shades that combine to create comfortable environments and casual.

The metal fits into this pattern, going to draw the profiles of the handle taken, the plans of the frames, the supports and the glass doors frame. This last, in the aluminum frame version, which takes on an interesting role and continues the play of volumes that characterizes the collection. Available three types - smoked glass with black mesh, transparent glass with white net and flutes glass - while the version in Matt Lacquer is available in three different colors - Tortora, Black Slate and the new Moss Green.

To characterize Diesel Open Workshop is the introduction of a new socket handle mounted on the sash head, an aluminum profile which is spread over the entire length, both horizontally (for the bases) in both vertical (for columns). Another distinctive feature is the presence of a floor with dressing on the edges, mounted within an aluminum profile in three finishes with corners mounted on the four corners metal.

The bathroom

For the first time collaboration between Scavolini and Diesel also it extends to the bathroom, with a charm and originality rich proposal.

The Industrial style is represented here by a major use of the metal, which is also found in the new modular of "shelving" system, which allows the insertion of shelves, shelves, wall and base units of different sizes, on the ground or suspended .

New integrated sinks and exclusive design support are available in different finishes and materials: washbasins rectangular in Himacs in two sizes and finishes, washbasins in round support in Nero Marquina marble and white Mineral marble.

The project is enhanced by the presence of a new dedicated taps and iron supports with album covers, bases, low columns, consoles and bathtubs. A set of furniture and solutions that, in their diversity of composition, can give an idea of ​​perfect stylistic balance.

Another distinctive feature is the open structure for bath with legs and back metal cover and matt lacquered shelf. As for the kitchen environment, it has been studied a new grip handle mounted on the sash head.

Complete bath program mirrors the new models, important elements of customization that underline the uniqueness of the collection.

The kitchen and bathroom Diesel Open Workshop program is offered in three different configurations that combine materials and nuances - for doors, floors, profiles and glazing - and represent the three souls of the project, to tell the best possible facets of this model with a strong character .

Diesel with Scavolini, Open Workshop bathroom environment

Diesel with Scavolini, Open Workshop bathroom environment

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