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Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, new collection of floor and wall 2016

Diesel Living Iris Ceramica Hard Leather tobacco ivory
Diesel Living Iris Ceramica Hard Leather tobacco ivory
Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, new collection of floor and wall 2016 it has been modified: 2016-04-05 di Benedict Flowers

diesel Living exclusively presents the Milan Design Week 2016 the new collection of floor and wall tiles developed in collaboration with Iris Ceramica, Italian leader in technical ceramic and porcelain tile production.

It continues the unstoppable rise of Diesel Living that after the important achievements in various furnishing sectors, continues its course by expanding the product range and choosing Iris Ceramica as a new partner for the 2016.

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica: A partnership which combines the creativity and the unmistakable taste of the international lifestyle brand with expertise and advanced technologies that have always distinguished the company from Modena ceramics.

The design brings the signature Diesel Style Office while the development and implementation of the final product are the result of the know-how of the research and development department Iris Ceramica. An ad hoc project that enriches the offer dedicated to home furnishing and acting as a link between the living and sleeping areas while preserving the continuity of Diesel Living language.

industrial and urban atmospheres inspirations dictate the guidelines for 5 collections that interpret the urban style through the rock soul of Diesel: metallic colors, changing colors and textures textural resin and concrete effect dressing room of the house revealing the bold personality of its inhabitants.

Concrete, Industrial Glass, Camp, Stage and Hard Leather, designed lines for laying on floors and walls that explore different moods 5 dialoguing with fabrics such as canvas and jute and "lived" finishes from industrial design and a vintage feel.

Federica Minozzi - CEO of Iris Ceramica Group-FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti - commented on the new partnership:

"We are proud to have initiated this collaboration with one of the greatest players in the fashion and lifestyle industry that has been able to constantly innovate in the years confirming its international leadership. The spirit of the Venetian trend setter brand together with our technical prototyping and manufacturing capabilities have produced a winning combination to offer alternatives and solutions to the distinctive interior design landscape. "

The collections Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica are part of Diesel Living project that involves, in addition to Iris Ceramica, defaulting for furniture, Foscarini lighting, Scavolini kitchen and bathroom, Berti for wooden floors and Seletti for the objects.

Diesel Living Iris Ceramica Industrial Glass gray

Diesel Living Iris Ceramica Industrial Glass gray

Diesel Living Iris Ceramica Stage diving red

Diesel Living Iris Ceramica Stage diving red

The 5 collections in detail


A hyper-realistic imitation of urban concrete, Concrete attendance is between the contemporary and lived. With cracks, cracks and shades, industrial inspiration is expressed here with a very strong and explicit style. The intimacy in your home can also be dressed in this brave way, it is deceptively simple.


material power which tells of industrial archeology. Decontextualized, the classic glass of outdoor, industrial windows, enter the house and decorate as if they were designed for that. The plugs are joined by forming the covering panels, also with metal and textures insertions crackle, via profiles in the same material. The panels are composed of units in different textures and create a whole a very special effect.


Powerful ideas with transposition of textures from textiles, through retelling or loyalty. Mention of the military style for an audience that loves and knows the long characterized Diesel mood and also dreams at home. Camp canvas, is jute, canvas is combined with glaze surfaces - glossy earthenware - and hard stone ones.


structured metal, corroded, scored, coated - very unique Boss finish that evokes the slip construction of internships and flight case to transport MUSICAL tools to combine with a brand new style. Aggressive and bluntly. Private and convivial environments dress of strong characters, suggestive for, they tell a lot of people who choose them.


Dresses across the board environment, the concept met with appropriate materials, such as leather, always in Ceramics. An impeccable balance pairing for a charming environment that is interpreted as a place of intimacy and, together, sociability.

The appointment for the world premiere of the collection Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica is the 13 2016 April SpazioFMG in an innovative exhibition concept created to describe the unprecedented collaboration between Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica.

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