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Design Course it has been modified: 2014-06-09 di 2CWorkshop Design

Dall'11 to 22 June the city of Noto host the event in Design Course organized by 'cultural association 2Cworkshopdesign under the patronage of the Municipality of Noto, UNESCO, ADI, AIPI, of Taobuk and the Academy of Fine Arts "Val Di Noto".

The event included in the calendar of the Baroque Spring is at its third meeting and will involve emerging and creative personalities in the world of design, with a particular attention to the talents of the islanders.

The beautiful setting of the Sicilian baroque of Noto, with its scenic squares and imposing staircases, unique places for elegance and history, will be the location for a / course to discover the design that will begin Thursday June at 11 10,00 with a performance by the 2Cworkshopdesign and the Academy of Fine Arts "Val Di Noto" which will trace signs & designs along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in order to identify and report to / course.

Twenty-four windows # location, granted to traders and government agencies and are located along the promenade of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, to tell and talk about design through the theme of creativity, designed as a driving force in the world. A selection of objects of our daily life that can express the innovative power of creativity, not intended "as a job but as a way to communicate, to transmit, to tell and tell; as a more concrete way to (re) bring imagination, hope, optimism; as a tool to build a better world. "

A circle / highlighter will provide the relevant information needed to identify the object / product on display, the name of the designer, the manufacturer and the year of manufacture; all it accompanied by a short story or as an aphorism. In this year's event alongside the "beautiful forms of design" also the excellence of the products of the island, intimately tied to our territory.

Trading sectors belonging to the National Port Piazza Ercole:

Piazza Porta National, La Tarta Cassaro, The colors of Sicily, Prado Jewellery, SMParrucchieri by Toni, the old fountain, Card Museum, Church of Santa Chiara, Sisilia, Tobacco Oddo lo Presti, Café Amarcord, Penelope, Parafarmacia The ancient remedies Natural Restaurant in the Course, Jewellery Giuspino, Ocularum Erika De Marco, Libreria Liber liber, PA.CAT travel, Cafe Artè, The Land's, Pottery Caristia, E'Sicilia, Sabbinirica, Black Coffee boiling Osteria Enoteca Emily's Wine.

Designers and creative:

2Cworkshop, Arezzi Joseph Branciforti Andrea, Giuseppe Calderone, Carnemolla Massimo, Enrico Cesana, Fabio D'Andrea, Anna Di Carlo, Francesco Favaretto, Fennel Joseph Giacomucci Roberto Giannone Peter Fenech Lucy, Owl fashion design, Italy Giusy, Mangione Ettore , Mangione Vincenzo, Masano Magda, Morning Gianluca, Militello Veronica, Monte Roberto, Nieddu Francalma, ORAdesign, Peace Alessia, Plumari Valentina, Luigi Santos, Rapisarda Fabrizio, Sandonà Stefano, Scandura Claudia, married Mario and the winner of the "Design in progress ", whose name will be announced during the conference of 10 June at the Hall of Mirrors of the palace Ducezio.


CreativeDay: whole day dedicated to the design, Wednesday 18 the Loggia of the market. Speakers in the morning at 10,00 Marco Cavalieri and Claudia Barcelona of networks and synergies and the afternoon at 17,00 expert strategic and creative advertising Lorenzo Guarnera.


2CWorkshop Design:

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