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Attractive purchase assured design: the aesthetic importance of the packaging (and ice cream)

Attractive purchase assured design: the aesthetic importance of the packaging (and ice cream) it has been modified: 2015-07-24 di sarat

There are many interesting projects in the field of packaging design in Milan, in Europe and in the world, drawing, capable of surprise, Capable of carrying a potential customer to come closer to a specific product and, in all likelihood, to buy it.

As much as it is crucial the quality of a product, even that which is outside it is, because the visual appearance is the first thing that makes us try empathy in imminent manner.
How many will ever make a purchase mainly because they were attracted by the packaging? They know the packaging companies and they know the designers: attracting and hitting are the watchwords.

Devote themselves to the packaging of a product it means above tell a story all focusing on the visual impact. A story that can be linked to the reference brand, the product or to the roots of the producer. Thinking all 'summer what is the first thing that comes to mind? The sea, of course, but also the hours under the sun and the countless ice cream that is allowed during the whole summer, and even in the packaging of these products, there are many interesting proposals that come from the world of packaging.

Jun Fei, for example, has created Cuppets, Packaging for ice-sorbets that, once completed, can be used as games. Four cups of ice cream (different flavors) are sold along with the pet's body which correspond to and, once completed, simply join them together to get the whole character and entertain their children.
Of greater impact as it appears and the invention behind it is rather the project eyescream, of an ice cream shop in Barcelona. From the anonymous shaved ice cream, ice cream Taiwandese obtained by scraping ice and garnishing it with different creams and syrups, to the innovative idea of ​​replacing ice with iced Italian ice cream, separating it from the seals and placing on it two sugar eyes that create some nice monsters to spoil. The packaging of the product is simple and minimal: an elegant tray in which the new is placed shaved ice cream the seals that are desired, enriched by nice phrases that give life to the ice cream-monster.
Very original and very good products are also Stoyn, A Russian company that has created a collection of ice cream that reproduces 10 icons perfectly, like Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe and Super Mario. A functional way to combine design, originality and taste.

These examples are illustrative of what we must pay attention to the packaging of what you want to aim to sell on the market, because the supermarkets It is so vast that a mistake could be fatal for the success of the sale. There are several companies packaging design Milano able to meet the needs of its customers and to create a packaging whose design is capable of striking at first glance.
Because you know that many times the appearance does not deceive, but rather, induces to buy a product immediately.



Source: Pantapack Solution

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