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CRISTINA RUBINETTERIE on display at the XXI Triennial of Milan.

CRISTINA RUBINETTERIE on display at the XXI Triennial of Milan. it has been modified: +2016 09-02-XNUMX di Lorenzo Lorenzo Strona Strona & Partners & Partners

The XXI Triennial of Milan and the Milan Furniture Fair were selected for the exhibition "ROOMS" only the largest and most renowned exponents of contemporary design. Cristina Rubinetterie It is among the names of the masters: Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Carlo Scarpa and Piero Portaluppi.

The exhibition goes through the memory of rooms linked to the private residences of the greatest designers who have made history in the world of architecture, national and international, to get the interpretation of these spaces by an author.

The architect Manolo De Giorgi has chosen Cristina Rubinetterie for the realization of its "World Liquid".

This project is associated with the book "Liquid Modernity", where the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, explains the modern metaphors "liquid" and "solid." The design idea of ​​"Circular Circular" architect blends perfectly with the fluidity of water. The designer and Alberto Cristina, President of the company Cristina Rubinetterie, have chosen to expose the steel line, to enclose in one element of quality, innovation and functionality. inherent characteristics to each product Cristina, a company always attentive to detail and the needs of its consumers. The famous shower head Sandwich, the kitchen faucet wall KX570 and single lever mixer PiX were selected to describe the feelings required for exposure.

All Inox collection was exhibited at the Salone del Mobile in Milan Fair, attracting a lot of interest in technology and design.

The exhibition "Rooms" will run until September 12 2016.



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