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swarovski crystals to embellish furniture and environments

swarovski crystals to embellish furniture and environments it has been modified: 2015-11-27 di Chiara Bucalossi

Many interior designers have used Swarovski crystals to embellish and make sparkling the furnishings and design objects.

Swarovski crystals and become part of the furnishings for impreziosirli and make them even more special.

Lately more and more interior design companies are using crystals swarovski to decorate walls and floors, doors and windows, lamps and fittings and even appliances, allow to give "light" to the house, which is unusual and surprising effects.

New sparkling doors

Quirky and original doors are proposed by several designers, leather-covered coconut effect, eel skin, crocodile and ostrich enriched with Swarovski crystals and hematite, or Pvc embellished with Swarovski crystals, accompanied with handles.

A cascade of light

The Swarovski crystals have been called upon to make the original even taps classics for a bath in the name of light and shine.

The towel multicolor

For those looking for fun accessories to customize your bathroom and not only are many solutions created by different designers, such as the towel single and double wall and floor adorned with thousands of multi-colored Swarovski crystals.

Walls enlivened by Swarovski crystals

Some have thought of a whole line of mosaics for walls create original and fun: in this case swarovski crystals are set on a white, blue and black to create hearts, robots, skulls and stars, seahorses and royal crowns . The glass mosaics, gold and Swarovski crystals can be used to ceiling individually or in combination with other coating materials.

Plaque-turn light becomes sparkling

To make special plaque turn-light models have been proposed 560 embedded with Swarovski crystals. There is a plaque with base in polished chrome and crystals in shades Crystal effect pavé and one with titanium base and smaller crystals in warm tones Light Peach, for a more elegant and discreet.

plaque with Swarovski crystals

plaque with Swarovski crystals

The wall in Swarovski crystals

To decorate the walls "illuminating" there are the appliques in Swarovski, or the ceiling applique and a chandelier. The "pearls" in Swarovski are mounted on a polished chromed metal frame.

appliqué Swarovski crystals

applique Swarovski

Sleep under a sky of stars

It is proposed the Swarovski bed with a large headboard in black velvet quilted work, decorated with 91 "buttons" Crystal. The bed is supported on turned legs and carved with silver leaves.

bed with Swarovski crystals

bed with Swarovski

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