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Constellation Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini. For kitchens and bathrooms "Made in Italy"

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Constellation Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini. For kitchens and bathrooms "Made in Italy" it has been modified: 2015-02-23 di Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini Press

Mixers green for reducing consumption and for the purity of the water;

original colors and surprising; taps characterized by precious finishes, contemporary forms or the stylus classic, to customize the environment; and still chromotherapy shower heads with jets differentiated, to transform the bathroom into a "wellness space": this is Constellation.

The proposals, for the kitchen and bathroom, that the range of Constellation Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini counts are many and all made in Italy.

In them, functionality and creativity, practicality and beauty, living, creating different effects and original, aimed at achieving high application performance and innovative design solutions.

Among the most eye-catching are the system's source, with a special cartridge in sintered carbon, which retains even the finest particles, eliminates unpleasant odors and tastes, but mainly blocks any residual pesticides, chlorinated insecticides and composites; the Ptolemy mixers, linear design, available in original finishes, such as matt white and matt black; the exclusive head Led Gaia, who with his device for color therapy, has turned the shower in a rainbow of colors; Light, the prestigious series contemporary lines, which ensures water savings with its cartridge just 25 mm and, at the same time, maintains a flow of water through the provision pleasant areata; Modus from minimal volumes, a collection in which functionality and aesthetics of great charm coexist harmoniously; and, finally, Lucrezia, who, with his smooth style and elegant, chic makes any environment.

The catalog Constellation is downloadable at the following link:


Gaia Led

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