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Kronos Collection by Arredo3: integrated handle for a trendy style

Kronos Collection by Arredo3: integrated handle for a trendy style it has been modified: 2019-08-20 di terzomillennium

One of the 2019-2020 kitchen furnishing trends is certainly the absence of handles: today we focus on lighter and more dynamic opening systems. A perfect example is the Kronos collection by Arredo3, a project characterized by a door with an extruded aluminum frame with integrated handle; this is a functional solution that enhances a clean, rigorous and extremely current design. The throat system also available within the same project, the latter applicable also vertically on the columns.

Kronos is the perfect union between technology and precious materials. The panel is available in six different materials: laminate, HPL, Fenix, wood, glass and Laminam, while the structure of the shell is made with a 18 mm thick wood panel, conforming to CARB P2. The kitchen offers a modern, urban style with a touch of industrial chic. Six compositions presented to adapt to all types of environments and space requirements, all of which show a handle integrated into the frame and a base with a titanium finish.

Kronos 01 it is in opaque white pet, with Laminam Statuarietto top and back (thickness 12 mm), wall units and columns in ebony oak veneer. Ideal for large rooms, it has a central island as its protagonist, with a hob and contrasting top in ebony oak.

Kronos 02 it has a horseshoe-shaped structure with base and top in bromine gray Fenix, with full-height columns in safari oak veneer on one side, bases and wall units in the center, operational peninsula with snack top and smoked glass support on the other.

It develops along a single wall Kronos 03, where base and wall units in London gray Fenix ​​are complemented by the Greek black Laminam top and open elements and columns in parchment oak veneer.

Elegance and refinement stand out Kronos 04, gulf composition with matt fog glass bases, wall units and columns in brown walnut laminate and the top in Dekton Sirocco finish for a harmonious aesthetic effect of great impact.

A majestic central volume island dominates Kronos 05 which consists of columns in Imperial walnut laminate, wall units in smoked glass, bases and island in stainless steel Pet and top in Dekton Kelya finish.

Kronos 06: in this kitchen, the cooking area and the washing block are located on two distinct islands, joined together by the cantilevered snack top. The structure is completed by the wall columns in opaque selenium glass and smoked glass with appliances, the top in gray Savoy stone Laminam and the wall paneling in Italian walnut laminate finish.

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