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Cloud two

Manital CLOUD
Cloud two it has been modified: 2017-06-07 di MDIP

Past and present meet and combine in this handle of Manital, creating a "contemporary object that dialogues with history beyond the now mature limit of minimalism," as the designer Maurizio Giordano says.

Four well-defined lines add up and chase each other, creating a sinuous shape without edges. The curves, which follow one another horizontally in cycles, generate infinite elegance.

The rosette aligns with the handle, presenting with the same gradient design.
Cloud Two is a modern and at the same time romantic handle that, with its delicate and timeless stretch, fits in refined environments whether they are residential or public.

Manital CLOUD

Manital CLOUD

Manital CLOUD

Manital CLOUD Manital CLOUDManital CLOUD Manital CLOUD

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