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Artwork Beige 75x75 kitchen
CERAMICHE REFIN EVER 'INTERNATIONAL it has been modified: 2014-02-05 di jessica zannori

Ceramiche Refin, A leading manufacturer of porcelain tiles, exhibits his collections, during the most important international events in Europe, exporting the best values ​​of Made in Italy. From Maison & Object just ended at the next Surface Design Show in London, Arriving at ' Euroshop in Dusseldorf, Ceramiche Refin, already in the first two months of the year, consolidated its reputation as trend-setter in the international market ceramic.

Research, technological innovation and quality are for Refin elements closely linked, which focuses on the activities of the laboratory, constantly engaged in the search for new technological solutions and aesthetic and production, supported by the latest equipment for the construction the graphics and the activities of post-processing.

To these elements is added the utmost attention to the most current trends in the field of Design, to which the creative laboratory of Refin DesignTaleStudio is dedicated in particular, which since 2005 gathers the experience of designers, architects, art lovers, professionals in the field of marketing and communication, to explore alternative technical and aesthetic solutions and thus obtain "excellence" in innovation and Italian design.

Artwork Greige 75x75 37.5x75 living

Artwork Black 75x150 store

BARRIQUE Extra 60x60

Barrique Reserve-Blend 25x150 restaurant

Frame-up Emilia-Flower detail

Frame-up Emilia-Flower random living

Frame-up Vanguard Circle-form 60x60cm

Frame-up Vanguard Circle-random study

Frame-up Vanguard-Square detail

Frame-up Vanguard-random Square office

Refin Out2.0 Artwork Ash 01

Refin Out2.0 Artwork Ash 60x60

Refin Out2.0 Bluetech Design 60x60

Refin Out2.0 Bluetech Vintage Charbon 02

Refin Out2.0 Granite Bethel White 60x60

Refin Out2.0 P Burgundy Diamond 75x75

Refin Out2.0 Wood2 Tobacco 60x60

SELECTION Grey Lapp 75x75 37.5x75 25x75

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