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Catellani & Smith / Casa della Luce: art, technology and design

Catellani & Smith / Casa della Luce: art, technology and design it has been modified: 2014-03-27 di jessica zannori

Seven companies are told: the occasion will be the International Furniture FairWhen in via Ventura n.5 in Milan, a new housing project will start which will see the collaboration of Adele-C, Catellani & Smith, Eclettis, Fiori di Latta, Italiana Cucine, Plinio il Giovane and Purho.

The frame is a simple, inhabited by the light, where the contrast between inside and outside is canceled in a rarefied harmony. In this scenario has built an idea of ​​home as an area life. There is no time and fashions. No room for platitudes and styles shouted. Each piece of furniture is built and designed in every aspect.

Leading these brand design is balance, searched through the research of materials, the workmanship, the use of technology, respect for the environment and that is summed up in forms that can draw a vision, as if the lines they were able to anticipate the emotions.
For the two floors of the apartment ideal in via Ventura n.5, you will breathe the scent of infinite and refined taste, in a word: Made in Italy.


Adele-C is a brand that although young, has done all lived behind a design. Heir of Cesare Cassina, Adele has created a brand whose philosophy is summed up in the idea of ​​"bring to market products away from fashion, bearers of a discrete identity to love forever."

Adele Cassina well as having a staff strength empathic rich in emotional intelligence, has been able to assist, as a privileged spectator, the unfolding of the entire history of design between the walls of the house. Forte's passion and expertise gained over time in doing things well, Adele Cassina has transferred the value of experimentation and creativity breathed in the family collection that presents. Today the company boasts excellent collaborations with international artists and designers.

For the project House of Light, Adele-C for the living and night, will bring the products designed by Ron Gilad, including 56 Cabinet, the 56 Bad Day and the new library and the tables TT3 TT. In addition to the chair Zarina, Cesare Cassina gift to his daughter on the occasion of his birthday 4 now iconic piece of the company.

Catellani & Smith 

"When I create a new lamp always start from the prototype; my lab is a space where the workshop constantly accumulating materials, components, objects, of the most varied; that's where I was born ... I assemble everything, balance, bend, I shape ... I need to feel the materials, see how they play with the light.

In this first phase there is no real design, the idea must immediately take shape, become an object. Only then do I move on to the classic design phase: feasibility, technical characteristics and so on; it is an idea of ​​light and the desire to tell it to guide me in the construction. I believe that this path can be felt in the Catellani & Smith product.

Much of my production is composed of parts that require an important craftsmanship: it is the hand of the craftsman who builds them, his manual intervention that creates the imperfection to make the unique object. " Enzo Catellani


Eclettis is a brand of excellence specializing in series electrical wire civil muro. It was founded in 2002 as an asset of the company of the same name Eclettis srl and was then purchased, in April 2010, by "FIN.OWNER srl" with the aim of making it central to a new business development plan.

The Eclettis brand includes in its portfolio renowned architects and designers such as Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Piero Lissoni, Guido Canali, Dante Benini, Carlo Colombo, Iosa Ghini, Armani House, who have chosen Eclettis for their contemporary luxury projects. Eclettis is the only brand that can boast an exclusive international patent for the flush-to-wall installation of civil electrical series that integrate elegantly with the environment.

The meticulous technical realization merges with a refined design suitable for furnishing solutions more comfortable both for housing, which for accommodation or office. The lines are fully customizable, you possono choose all desired commands divided and organized in accordance with their needs to create a perfect atmosphere in every room.

Flowers Tin

Flowers Tin is a brand created in 1987 by Emilio Tadini and Gherardo Frassa, who has worked over the years with artists, designers, architects and creative artists including Andrea Branzi, Pierluigi Cerri, Angelo Barcella, Clara Rota. Since then have created the most original collections of flowers from the floor, table and wall: small and large metal sculptures carved and hand painted, art and design objects at the same time, the flowers that never wither.

Since 2012 Gherardo Frassa, with irony and unconventionality that have always characterized, designs and produces exclusively for Quotations, which produces and distributes flowers Latta. For the project House of Light, Quotes presents its new collection Orchards, a line of crystal fruit bowl decorated with silhouette in copper and brass. Centerpieces most poetic of a vase of flowers where lovers, dancers, acrobats and flying characters become "applied art" fruit.

Italian Kitchens

Italian Kitchen is a "tailoring" of the design, a newly established company, concrete, solid and innovative that has chosen to propose a market increasingly attentive to the news a product that is known for its uniqueness. That comes from a deep passion for the stone and the will to bring it to life in the kitchen.

A strong entrepreneurial young man who founded the roots of this company in the beautiful Verona, famous world of natural stone basin and recognized polo crafted of wood. The idea starts from the desire to create something that was missing in the kitchen, an accent that could give true value. The kitchen uses the language of natural stone and marble. Exclusive materials cut, milled and processed with care and precision only.

Its characteristic is the very high quality (subject to continuous and constant controls since the extraction phase), always linked to the aesthetic result, a strong visual impact. For the project House of Light, Italian Kitchens will furnish the environment with a system composed of island and column model IC3.

Pliny the Younger

All furniture of Pli ni or Gi ovane are one and we rri ble farts. Handmade, no cur ar is the t ime and with the 'one co purpose of giving a shape to the dreams of Mario Prandina, who for love of its products applies personally on each piece its brand.

It all begins in 1975 in a studio in the center of Milan, next to the Academy of Brera, where Mario Prandina, dreamer with his feet on the ground, in that environment for artists and designers, manufactures and offers the public an original collection of Milan eco-friendly furniture from mild forms, built with ancient methods of interlocking.

Pliny the Younger has created a collection that conveys his great respect for nature and the concept of preserving the craft of carpenter to be able to pass on to new generations. Anyone who buys a piece of furniture Pliny the Younger introduced in their lives not only a product, but also a way of life, because the products Pliny the Younger have the characteristic of being able to modulate their function as needed. Ecology is not just produce furniture with natural materials, but also to imagine products that, for over thirty years, are always functional in terms of style and structure.


Purho is a new star of the Italian design, a brand created by Andrea Dotto and Roberto Fracassetti, a work of synthesis, a search that lasted for years: thematic collections made in Italy, designed by large established designers and emerging.

Italian soul and international character, Purho expresses the identity and vocation of the original design: create "objects fairytale", able to live in space and time correctly, magical and ultra functional. Because the things that surround us outwardly, if they are beautiful in time, we open the inner worlds. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Purho is a partner of the "House of Light" with the collection "De love in Vitro" designed by Karim Rashid.

This first collection is dedicated to objects for the home and for the table and includes objects of excellent design Murano glass handmade such as vases, trays, fruit bowls, candlesticks, storage, glasses, sculptures ...

House of Light will remain open to visitors every day of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile from 14: 00 to 20: 00, except Wednesday 9 April day when the opening will be extended up to 22: 00






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