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Casaidea 2019: in the trend furniture is the balance of contrast

Casaidea 2019: in the trend furniture is the balance of contrast it has been modified: +2019 di francescapress

Search for a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality, without being afraid to dare: to discover trends and new design proposals, from 23 to March 31 at the Fiera di Roma the appointment is with Casaidea 2019, the event organized by MOA Cooperative Society which this year reaches its 45a edition with many new features for every room in the house.

For the little ones everything is made to measure and the house becomes "small"

The children's room? It must be able to arouse a sense of protection and invite people to play. Among the novelties on show at Casaidea 2019, furnishings for the little ones with the unmistakable Scandinavian style, which create a safe and stimulating environment, with furniture that can adapt and transform over the years, to meet the changes in growth. The environment is all tailored, with a kitchen and work table reproduced in miniature, and in the bedroom the bed - high or not and convertible in all length variations - is enriched with the home kit: the roof and the front, which can they can be mounted on the right or on the left according to the space requirements, they include a window and a fireplace that immediately give the piece a playful air but also transforming it into the perfect nest for sleep. The interior of the mini home and the space under the bed are also perfect for building dens alone or with friends.

A play of lights and shadows, lines and volumes redraw spaces

The simplicity of the design can express strong personality, beauty and harmony: for the living area and the trendy night area there are solutions that - with the conscious use of vertical and horizontal lines - give vigor to the furnishings and vitality to the environment. High and low reliefs, sudden changes in form generate light and dark effects which, through combinations of different materials and fabrics, create a play of colors, for the eyes, and texture, for the touch.

Wellness at home, the living room invites you to relax

Whether according to the Danish philosophy Hygge - which invites you to recreate a warm and intimate atmosphere at home with friends and relatives - or the Finnish Kalsarikännit, a more solitary trend, it is important to recreate a place dedicated to moments of relaxation in your home . Among the novelties on show at Casaidea 2019, the seats become the protagonists of the living area: positioned in the center of the room, sofa and armchairs are characterized by the cleanliness and contemporaneity of the sign, which ideally embraces the room with sober elegance and lightness. A living area perfect for the convivial moments of the day or for a romantic tête à tête.

In the kitchen, stylistic balance between classic and contemporary

A long tradition of hand-crafted production combined with cutting-edge technology gives the kitchen environment the perfect mix of timeless charm and functionality: styles combine, intertwine and unite, giving life to a new fresh, light and refined design language that celebrates the encounter between classic and contemporary, in a dialogue of unusual chromatic combinations. Among the solutions on display at Casaidea 2019, the kitchen walls “dress” in full-height wooden paneling, fully equipped inside, creating an elegant but also versatile environment. The colors are neutral or very delicate, like the Rosa Portogallo marble used for the washing area and the cooking area, characterized by an important top with front controls. The square portal above the washing area becomes large with the possibility of using the space inside the boiserie frames.

Contrasts and the choice of material surfaces

Sculptural and scenographic, bookcases and cupboards capture attention with a compositional play of different shapes, colors and materials. Even though it is a minimalist style furniture with clean lines and monocramatic solutions, the search for strong combinations is always very appreciated, with different surfaces and colors that redesign spaces and walls with shelves and multiple shelves.

At Casaidea 2019, after last year's success, the Materia Diversa exhibition area returns, a space curated by Filippo Bombace dedicated to the material for architecture, where it is possible to touch on refined solutions, useful to the designer and also to the final user. Innovative materials and more: on display is a selection of what the current production makes available to the interior design, but also the pleasant rediscovery of techniques from the past, reinterpreted and developed by modern technologies. With the Outdoor Exhibition the protagonists also return the outdoor furniture, with the most modern and innovative solutions: exhibiting objects that represent both the international contemporary style and the more traditional national expressions. News of the 45a edition of Casaidea is then the 'next home' competition, reserved for designers, architects and interior decorators who in a reserved area present projects that represent conceptual, sustainable and innovative solutions for indoor and outdoor living spaces. "An exhibition of national importance - points out Massimo Prete, president of Casaidea - that offers different furnishing solutions always with a high quality banner. The event is attended by highly qualified and specialized companies, which offer a series of value-added services ranging from design to technical assistance, from assembly to warranty. Services increasingly requested and appreciated by the end user ".

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